Definition of unobscured in English:



  • Not obscured.

    ‘This initially meant they were loath to adopt a reportage style, preferring empty streets and unobscured buildings, with people represented only to provide an area of scale or as pure portraiture.’
    • ‘I rushed out of the tent, past the wicker basket stall and narrowly avoiding the Victorian steam organ, and pushed a couple of small children aside to ensure I had an unobscured ringside view at the racing arena.’
    • ‘A recent study estimated that 99% of the population of America and Western Europe never see a clear night sky unobscured by dust, smog and light pollution.’
    • ‘Weather forecasters say the chances of an unobscured view of the transit are good for central, eastern and southern England.’
    • ‘I had perhaps half a minute of a clear unobscured view before the clouds shut firmly closed again and the vision was gone.’
    • ‘With clear skies in some areas many thousands of people had an unobscured view of the rare moment.’
    • ‘The middle of the month will see some bright spells where solar rays are unobscured by cloud.’
    • ‘There must be appropriate minimums, and proper grading according to proper marks - with a clear outcome, unobscured by imprecise euphemisms.’
    • ‘The western end (where we were playing) however was unobscured and the low-angled sun lit the park up, ripping a liquid gold glow across the green, green grass.’
    • ‘In fact the fence where a fullgrown lion and tiger are kept is so low that I (a short person at 1,65m) was able to put my arm over the fence to get an unobscured photograph (a foolish act in hindsight).’
    • ‘Soon the scouts were riding through towering trees, unobscured by undergrowth, as it had been long since permanently wiped out by the hundreds of hooves that passed over it every year.’
    • ‘The sun beats mercilessly, unobscured by cloud.’
    • ‘A much longer pause ensued, and Rolloniss casually walked across to the edge of the cliff, staring at the vast, unobscured countryside.’
    • ‘‘Nice view you got here,’ said Donn, gazing out at cloudless azure sky and the unobscured view of Silicon Valley.’
    • ‘Built a year ago, this five-bedroom house is unusually spacious and is situated on a three quarter acre site with unobscured views of countryside on three sides.’
    • ‘For more than five years of its orbit, while it is far from Eta Carinae, the companion would shine its UV light toward us largely unobscured.’
    • ‘Given sufficiently high spatial resolution and contrast, passive visible imagers can identify unobscured targets.’
    • ‘The lady stood at the viewport, gazing out at a clear view of deep space, unobscured by all the construction booms and other apparatus of the station.’
    • ‘It was the first time she had seen the skyline unobscured by trees.’
    • ‘First to appear is simply an open and clear mind, unobscured by negativity.’



/ˌənəbˈskyo͝ord/ /ˌənəbˈskjʊrd/