Definición de unopened en Inglés


Pronunciación /ənˈōpənd/ /ənˈoʊpənd/

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  • Not opened.

    ‘unopened mail’
    • ‘Yesterday, the door of the building had been forced open and weeks of unopened mail was scattered across the floor.’
    • ‘They had received so many floral tributes that they had to open up a previously unopened part of the gardens.’
    • ‘We wandered some more, opened some unopened doors, and oops - we found the cops.’
    • ‘I've lost count as to how much unopened mail I have, but it's certainly over 30 letters.’
    • ‘The harassed postmen say the situation at the sorting office is utter chaos, with sacks of unopened mail.’
    • ‘But for now that must wait while I busy myself with laundry and hoovers and unopened mail.’
    • ‘My umbrella remains unopened, because I'm simply enjoying this feeling.’
    • ‘A pile of unopened presents remain beneath the Christmas tree - all bought for Dan.’
    • ‘Then doors close, bells ring unheeded and letters remain unopened and unacknowledged.’
    • ‘These will last unopened for many months, but refrigerate once opened and eat fairly soon.’
    • ‘Lew agreed, but the box remained unopened in the bottom drawer of his desk for several weeks until one day he wondered what it would be like to smoke one.’
    • ‘However, if you are not, the Bible will always remain to you an unopened book - that is unless you have a change of heart.’
    • ‘No door will remain unopened in determining the best use of this prime location.’
    • ‘There were shelves and shelves of videos, and a box of unopened blanks on the table by the generator.’
    • ‘But his sculpting tools are clean and neglected, the clay in unopened packets.’
    • ‘I opened them noticing that there were two teardrops on the unopened envelope.’
    • ‘The other, unopened, device, was sent to the head of the Spanish conservatives, Jose Ignacio Salafranca.’
    • ‘Does anyone know what was in the unopened fed ex box in CASTAWAY?’
    • ‘Perhaps it would be sensible to leave the champagne unopened.’
    • ‘If you're lucky there'll even be better part of a packet of Pringles, half a fruit pie, a carton of OJ and an unopened slab of Brie.’
    unutilized, not made use of, unemployed, unexploited, not in service, non-functioning