Definition of unornamented in English:



  • Not having any decoration.

    ‘Decoration needed to be in keeping with the sober, relatively unornamented classicism of the building if it was to bring the triumphant unity of the project to full expression.’
    • ‘Traditional types and spaces: tenement blocks, streets and squares were to be reinterpreted in austere, unornamented buildings which, some thought, would acquire gentler qualities under the influences of use and time.’
    • ‘In the decades that followed, she notes, followers of Le Corbusier made rings that were severely unornamented and of materials such as lacquer, silver, chrome, steel, and precious stones - all in abstract designs.’
    • ‘Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Lloyd Wright and Neutra created sleek, unornamented homes that redefined residential living.’
    • ‘The bleakness of Young's After the Gold Rush and Cohen's Bird on a Wire are amplified by her precise enunciation and unornamented piano accompaniment.’
    • ‘This was a large cathedral, large but unornamented, with little décor addressing either altar or aisle.’
    • ‘When examined using scanning electron microscopy, almost all of the charred material consists of secondary tissue composed of unornamented, elongate cells with exceptionally thick radial walls, arranged in irregular rows.’
    • ‘Real Tuscan villas possess a sort of laconic elegance from their relatively unornamented rustic style: the rough hewn here is more of the Home Depot ‘I forgot’ variety.’
    • ‘It relies on composition, using largely unornamented surfaces, with small incidents of ornament, or at times a small-scale over-all pattern.’
    • ‘It stands on a low and unornamented polished granite plinth in the centre of a small square of bluestone which sits flush with the surrounding turf.’
    • ‘They were visited upon a collection of emptied maritime foundations, the flat and unornamented exteriors of abandoned concrete and stucco-surfaced buildings and the wreckage of burned-out cars along a highway.’
    • ‘Gambel's quail is a highly ornate and dichromatic species, whereas scaled quail (C. squamata) is unornamented and monochromatic.’
    • ‘Yet within the English critical formalist tradition, there is a precocious - and pertinent - esthetic responsiveness to unornamented industrial architecture on the part of Clive Bell.’
    • ‘With the exception of some Warholian meanderings of the camera, the scene is shot in the unornamented style of direct cinema (another movement concerned with an authentic, unmediated art).’
    • ‘Graphically, Big Brother is very cartoon-like. The graphics are nothing to get excited over and besides a few supposedly exclusive video clips, it's all rather unornamented.’
    • ‘In transverse section both inner and outer layers are present although the surface usually appears unornamented.’
    • ‘The little blue-haired girl was in front of the simple wooden door, the door that symbolized the huge metamorphosis she would go through upon stepping past that unornamented threshold.’
    • ‘In this film Buñuel abandons his customary surrealism for a subdued, unornamented style.’
    • ‘The stippled backdrop is unornamented, increasing the tight focal emphasis on the figure.’
    • ‘It was almost entirely unornamented, the stiff bodice emphasizing her narrow waist.’
    plain, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, unornamented, without ornament, without ornamentation, unelaborate, unpretentious, unostentatious, unfussy, no-nonsense, basic, modest, unsophisticated, penny plain, without frills, honest, homely, homespun, everyday, workaday



/ˌənˈôrnəmen(t)əd/ /ˌənˈɔrnəmɛn(t)əd/