Definition of unpalatability in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌpalətəˈbilitē/


See unpalatable

‘Many unpalatable prey animals signal their unpalatability to predators with conspicuous coloration - a phenomenon known as ‘aposematism’.’
  • ‘Despite their unpalatability, most of Gorbachev's proposals were included in the final resolution and a day later, in a move unprecedented in the USSR, Gorbachev's final address to the plenum was televised.’
  • ‘This manipulation severely diminished the possibility that the unpalatability of the moths affected birds' reactions to them.’
  • ‘Most children were revulsed by the practice because of the unpalatability of the fishy tasting oil, and doubtless extracted a variety of rewards for compliance.’
  • ‘The unpalatability of a proposition, however, has no bearing on its truth.’