Definition of unpassable in English:



  • Impossible to travel along or over; impassable.

    ‘some roads are completely unpassable because of flood waters’
    • ‘In the dry season it is arid, in the wet season it is an unpassable swamp.’
    • ‘Others travelled northeast from Europe in search of an equally fabled, but also unpassable, arctic passage along Russia's northern coast.’
    • ‘Tradesmen and people dumping household waste have made the track to his mother's house almost unpassable.’
    • ‘I tried to figure out the best way to get there, but it was obvious that the usual streets I would take were unpassable.’
    • ‘When I bought the place, it was open to the sky and there were ferns and trees growing there - it was just an unusable and unpassable area.’
    • ‘The routes down the mountain might be unpassable until the spring.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands have been trapped in often-freezing homes and villages by walls of snow and unpassable roads.’
    blocked, closed, obstructed, impenetrable