Definition of unpatterned in English:



  • Not marked with a pattern; plain.

    ‘the carpet is a pale sage green, unpatterned’
    • ‘A sheer, unpatterned swag provides relief from the highly decorative coverlet, wallpaper, wreath, and pillows.’
    • ‘It's the play of tone and unpatterned rhymes.’
    • ‘The details of the setting are sparse and modern: pleated unpatterned curtains and a framed painting, too dark to read.’
    • ‘At the auction the unassuming but undisputed star was a small, monochrome, unpatterned bowl probably intended for washing brushes after writing.’
    • ‘Females with unpatterned dark bills were considered American Black Ducks.’
    • ‘Place the strip atop the open, unpatterned area of your box top.’
    • ‘Bedding in neutral spaces - notably hospitals - tends to be unpatterned.’
    • ‘The weft crosses the warp alternately indeed, as in plain unpatterned weaving.’



/ˌənˈpadərnd/ /ˌənˈpædərnd/