Definition of unperformed in English:



  • Not having been performed.

    ‘an unperformed play’
    • ‘He left the score unfinished and it remained unperformed until 1964.’
    • ‘Upon discharge, the primary obligations of the party in default to perform any of the promises made by him and remaining unperformed come to an end, as does his right to perform them.’
    • ‘What does stir my thoughts occasionally is of that unknown quantity divided between performed and unperformed music.’
    • ‘Standing behind this more melancholy strand is the artistic Benjamin, unperformed, unpublished, locked in a loveless marriage and happily ensconced as an accountant.’
    • ‘No one nowadays reads his poetry, and his plays are unperformed.’
    • ‘His eyes light up as he describes his enjoyment in transforming the promise lurking in a hitherto unperformed play into a reality.’
    • ‘Not easy to know how to help an unperformed playwright when you're no longer in a position of power.’
    • ‘Sadly, the Wilde scandal broke out just as Sullivan was completing his score; the public indignation that ensued made it a risky proposition to stage, and the work has remained unperformed.’
    • ‘With its allusions to contemporary French composers, this short work remained unperformed and was only premiered in a BBC broadcast in May 1969.’
    • ‘Sullivan did re-use certain early material which had remained unperformed, including stuff from an early opera The Sapphire Necklace.’
    • ‘He continued to compose, however, although as much of his music remained unpublished and unperformed, it created problems of cataloguing.’
    • ‘Recent policy, says the Senior Treasurer's programme note, of seeking out ‘relatively unperformed plays in verse or in a non-realist mode… was rewarding artistically but not financially’.’
    • ‘D was convicted of manslaughter on the basis that by remaining with the aunt a duty was imposed on her to care for the aunt, which duty she had wilfully and deliberately left unperformed.’
    • ‘The staggering fact is that for centuries the plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides went virtually unperformed on the British stage.’
    • ‘Because theatre is a live art, the best way to consign a play to the dustbin of history is to leave it unperformed after its initial run.’
    • ‘Further, Act I introduces two occasions for incest, not one: the consummated incest of Oedipus and Jocasta, mother-son incest; and the potential, though ultimately unperformed, incest between Creon and Eurydice, uncle-niece incest.’
    • ‘The editor of England's Opera magazine was appalled by Alice Goodman's libretto, which he dismissed as ‘desperately naïve,’ and even went so far as to say that the opera is ‘best left unperformed.’’
    • ‘And all the while, her works go unperformed and her technique, burned into her dancers’ and students' brains and bodies, risks extinction for lack of use.’
    • ‘One reason for his relative obscurity has been the general unavailability of his music: his works remained unpublished during his lifetime and, apart from some ‘easy’ tonal compositions, largely unperformed.’
    • ‘Rosner extracted the suite The Tragedy of Queen Jane from his opera The Chronicle of Nine (based on Lady Jane Grey's nine-day reign), written about twenty years ago and unperformed to this day.’
    unfinished, incomplete, half-done



/ˌənpərˈfôrmd/ /ˌənpərˈfɔrmd/