Definition of unplumbed in English:



  • 1Not fully explored or understood.

    ‘one-dimensional performances that leave the play's psychological depths unplumbed’
    • ‘A substantial literature, unplumbed by Rothkopf, explores this topic.’
    • ‘This is wrong on levels unplumbed by the science of man.’
    • ‘She sensed something in my voice which betrayed great unplumbed deeps to my soul and an admirable weariness of the plastic norms of Society?’
    • ‘Sometimes, I'm settling in for a longer story that plumbs hitherto unplumbed deeps of the human experience.’
    • ‘Bourne writes, ‘In his new enthusiasms for continental literature, for unplumbed Russian depths, for French clarity of thought, for Teuton philosophies of power, [the immigrant] feels himself citizen of a larger world’.’
    • ‘One hundred years ago the Harvard psychologist William James wrote that these experiences are ‘states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect.’’
    • ‘But this too became for Beethoven ‘another form of self-denial,’ while musically he worked out ‘possible reconfigurations of musical form… [in order] to sound unplumbed depths of expressivity.’’
    • ‘As I write this she's plummeting into the darkness of the West, diving head first into long denied emotions, into the unplumbed depths of subjective and global pain.’
    • ‘And then Welles changes the ending, offering his own gimcrack conclusions about freedom and slavery that belie the unplumbed depths of the material.’
    • ‘His expression barely changes from a troubled scowl for the whole movie, but Shimura's empathic embodiment of Watanabe is a slow-burn revelation of a small man's unplumbed depths.’
    • ‘The musical Once Around the City, with music by Robert Reale and book and lyrics by his brother, Willie, finds unplumbed depths of awfulness in every department, including sets, costumes, staging, and choreography.’
    • ‘Featuring three bald, blue persons in a whole array (two, actually) of wacky scenarios, the ads plumb previously unplumbed depths according to The Register's resident marketing guru, Doctor Spinola.’
    • ‘A well, to John, has many aspects - it is mysterious, it is awesome, and when it holds water, full of unplumbed depths, secretive.’
    • ‘William James used it to describe states of insight unplumbed by the discursive intellect involving illuminations and revelations that, while inarticulate, are full of significance and importance.’
    • ‘His almost unimaginable guilt from two consecutive suicides, too, is largely unplumbed, though probably not unfelt.’
    • ‘Ready to Rumble is a movie where no joke about raw sewage goes unplumbed.’
    bottomless, unfathomable, unfathomed, unsounded, immeasurable, endless, infinite, measureless
  • 2(of a building or room) not having water and drainage pipes installed and connected.

    ‘an unplumbed outhouse’