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  • Not having a style of expression characteristic of poetry.

    ‘the modern version of the Bible is entirely unmemorable and unpoetic’
    • ‘With a sad shrug they then quickly munched down on a piece of lifeless unemotional unpoetic babycorn.’
    • ‘The freewheeling breadth that enables Murray to include it is one of his best qualities and serves as a welcome reminder that there is still poetry in vernaculars, and poetry too in things that we have come to consider unpoetic.’
    • ‘It hovers so close because like life, it's often unfair, unpoetic, plain contradictory, and retrospectively embarrassing - few of Darnielle's stories have chronicled passions so unadorned and believable.’
    • ‘Lyrically, the album matches its musical dead weight with a string of unpoetic clichés - maybe the lunkheads who fill arenas didn't get Chris Martin's ramblings about spies and scientists.’
    • ‘There was a good deal of cheering after the final frenetic dash, eliciting as an encore a muddled and unpoetic account of Chopin's delicately arpeggiated Étude in E flat.’
    • ‘Joachim Kaiser, writing in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, feels that Breth totally missed the mark: ‘So soberingly artificial, so compulsively jaunty, unpoetic and empty.’’
    • ‘He is either a complete chancer or some kind of neglected genius (as the artist and promoter Richard Demarco puts it, an ‘alchemist’ taking ‘ordinary, run-of-the-mill, unpoetic information and turning it into gold’).’
    • ‘As always her diction is sparse, almost unpoetic.’
    • ‘Things get incredibly bizarre and life-threatening for Dent from now on, surrounded as he and his friends are by unpoetic, greasy monsters, depressed robots, a planet construction yard, talking mice, a total-perspective gun and so on.’
    • ‘And this is what the term editor can do, unpoetic as may be.’
    • ‘The name ‘United Provinces of America’ would be correct, but is irredeemably unpoetic.’
    • ‘That ‘something real ‘- demystified empirical, disciplined, unpoetic, unfanciful, formal criticism - presented itself in the writings of Greenberg.’’
    • ‘Gadsby's signature gingered butternut squash and lobster soup tasted uninterestingly sweet, its soft ‘cloud’ of almond-flavored egg white too strident, its ‘hazelnut veil’ an unpoetic dusting of pulverized nuts.’
    • ‘Producer David Selznick treated Vittorio De Sica's Stazione Termini the same way, chopping languid scenes to leave a lean but unpoetic core.’
    • ‘Exactly, from your stand-point it does, but from mine, being as unpoetic as you can get, I see it as an extremely difficult one.’
    • ‘Silliman approaches the history of this community through the stories of her ‘foremothers’, an unpoetic term for such poetically named women as Ruby, Flower and Farah.’
    • ‘Many felt that he rarely revealed the ‘whole person’: he remained unconvinced that such an inherently unpoetic entity could be said to exist.’
    • ‘Kelsey Grammer was not awful, merely unpoetic, untragic, uninteresting.’
    • ‘Writing was his favourite pastime, pedantic, unpoetic stuff dealing with politics, history, education.’
    • ‘On the contrary, the raw and prolix language of his novels is unabashedly unpoetic and polemical.’
    unimaginative, uninspired, matter-of-fact, dull, dry, humdrum, mundane, pedestrian, heavy, plodding, lifeless, dead, spiritless, lacklustre, undistinguished, stale, jejune, bland, insipid, vapid, vacuous, banal, hackneyed, trite, literal, factual, unpoetic, unemotional, unsentimental, clear, plain, unadorned, unembellished, unvarnished, monotonous, deadpan, flat



/ˌənpōˈedik/ /ˌənpoʊˈɛdɪk/