Definition of unpointed in English:



  • 1Not having a sharpened or tapered tip.

    ‘the second person hands the stakes to the third, unpointed ends first’
    • ‘The notion of a Galois topos is meaningful also in the unpointed case.’
    • ‘Legend of the un-pointed sword.’
    • ‘each of said lens cavities having a smoothly rounded unpointed inner end portion and an inwardly tapered portion leading to said inner end portion’
    • ‘Sawn Posts - all sizes, pointed or unpointed.’
    • ‘Our Rustic Fencing is available in a various lengths, pointed or unpointed and full or half round.’
    rounded, flat, thick, obtuse, stubby, stubbed, unpointed
  • 2(of a Semitic language) written without dots or small strokes to indicate vowels or distinguish consonants.

    ‘the source is unpointed Hebrew or Arabic’
    • ‘The text of the canonical writings at this point was written in unpointed Hebrew (and, in a few parts, Aramaic).’
    • ‘Most Cree and Oji-Cree text written by the Cree elsewhere is unpointed or occasionally partially pointed.’
    • ‘See Hebrew Alphabet for more on pointed and unpointed texts.’
    • ‘No previous background in Rabbinic literature is required but students must be able to read unpointed Hebrew texts.’
    • ‘Grammar is illustrated by a wealth of examples, presented in unpointed Arabic script, in a formal transliteration (i.e. with i'rab transliterated) and in translation (sometimes two where the idiom differs vastly between English and Arabic).’
    • ‘Beth and ayin look reasonably similar in ancient script, and since the text was unpointed, sin and shin would be indistinguishable, as they differ only by pointing.’
  • 3(of brickwork, a brick structure, or tiling) having joints that are not filled in or repaired.

    ‘lumps of exposed brick with unpointed mortar’
    • ‘So, will rain on unpointed patio, some of which is still possibly curing, cause me any trouble?’
    • ‘Each student to build a half brick wall with face left unpointed, nine courses high, between two end stands.’
    • ‘The unpointed joints can be topped up with fresh mortar if they are not quite full, before tooling to the required style.’
    • ‘The external brickwork of these modifications matches the unpointed brickwork to the side and rear walls of the original residential convent reasonably well, unlike the brickwork of the 1950s, which is not as sympathetic.’
    • ‘Through a door in the high unpointed stone wall you go up a flagged path through the front garden to the porch.’