Definition of unpowered in English:



  • Having no mechanical source of power for propulsion.

    ‘Tow a glider that is a light-sport aircraft or unpowered ultralight vehicle in accordance with 91.309…’
    • ‘More progress was made in the inter-war era in the development of the autogiro, which had an unpowered overhead rotor blade driven by the airflow from a conventional tractor propeller in the nose.’
    • ‘The powered phase is followed by an unpowered glide from Mach 0.9 down to Mach 0.3, when the parachute system deploys.’
    • ‘Once airborne the rear-mounted propeller pushes the craft along and the unpowered main rotor spins to give the craft lift.’
    • ‘We expect that the dues would be the same for pilots regardless of whether they fly unpowered gliders, powered harnesses or both.’
    • ‘The new rule allows a special light-sport aircraft owner to accept compensation for the use of the aircraft for flight training, or for towing a glider or unpowered ultralight vehicle.’
    • ‘Before the Wrights took off in the Flyer, they had gained experience with unpowered gliders, following the example of other pioneering aviators.’
    • ‘An unpowered glider can soar through the sky, a helicopter can hover and flit around, and a cannon can even shoot a circus performer in a parabola through the air.’
    • ‘Cetaceans swimming with their bodies in the horizontal plane used either powered or unpowered turning gaits.’
    • ‘What if there were ultralight pilots looking around for something useful to do and somehow they convinced local youngsters to tow up behind them in unpowered ultralights?’
    • ‘To return to Earth after your cosmic excursion, rather than using fuel to slow down you could do what the space shuttle does: glide back to Earth unpowered, and exploit the fact that our planet has an atmosphere, a source of friction.’
    • ‘So which companies can manage both a steep ascent and an unpowered glide?’
    • ‘In an emergency the module is capable of an unpowered landing.’
    • ‘I'd been flying unpowered hang gliders for 12 years and I didn't know if I could get on with having an engine attached to me.’
    • ‘These days, more studio monitor builders are turning to powered designs, yet there are plenty of great unpowered monitors available.’
    • ‘I would postulate that many persons interested in unpowered personal flight who would otherwise have taken up hang gliding have instead pursued paragliding.’
    • ‘‘I was interested in developing a robust, unpowered system that was modular and could form part of a ‘toolkit’ approach to weapon configuration.’
    • ‘Ja Rule would get on stage, begin his routine of saying words to no conceivable rhythm while somebody pushes buttons on an unpowered keyboard behind him.’
    • ‘The revolution in the air also stemmed from the availability of reliable internal combustion engines, though unpowered balloons have a much longer history.’
    • ‘The power's just come back on, and after two hours of being lost in the unpowered wilderness, I quickly turn on my computer, hoping to log on.’



/ˌənˈpou(ə)rd/ /ˌənˈpaʊ(ə)rd/