Definition of unpractical in English:



another term for impractical (sense 1)
  • ‘‘It is unpractical and unwise to exclude all St Lucians from enjoying this amenity,’ he added.’
  • ‘Tunisian designer Soucha, who was one of the much - anticipated displayers, stunned attendees with ‘very unoriental, unpractical clothing’ as described by the audience surrounding the Weekly.’
  • ‘Solutions that have been discussed in the past include recentering grades, which he admitted is unpractical, and including average class grades next to individual grades on student transcripts.’
  • ‘They might work on paper but are completely unpractical in the field ’, he said.’
  • ‘However, the approach you suggest, to hand out fines to abusers and discounts to those that reduce consumption, is unpractical, costly to implement and lacking in transparency.’
  • ‘‘This is undesirable and unpractical and raises serious questions over a farmer's right to live where he wants to,’ he said.’
  • ‘Considerable time has been spent in trying to find a solution and Mr Crane's suggestions about improving the access were seriously considered but thought to be unpractical.’
  • ‘You are a more unpractical man than I am an unpractical woman, for you don't acknowledge what really exists.’
  • ‘Colonel John Rolt, defence force spokesperson, said the bi-weekly wages proved to be unpractical.’
  • ‘Very unpractical but at least we managed to keep Tommy happy with pizza crust in the mean time. Next time I'll try McDonalds.’
  • ‘He professes to be unpractical, yet is prone to complex diagrams to explain the inner workings of telecom circuits and market dynamics.’
  • ‘She had no interest in what she called the unpractical side of computation.’
  • ‘Rossendale's Mayor, Coun Jimmy Eaton, has already slammed plans as unpractical.’
  • ‘Suggestions were made to paint double yellow lines on some streets, but this was dismissed as unpractical.’
  • ‘Of course, it all sounds a bit fanciful, perhaps even unbelievable, unpractical, but it wasn't as though I were of a brilliant mind and had a university-destined career.’
  • ‘Peake is described in the Dictionary of National Biography as ‘Tall, thin, dark, and haggard gentle, gracious, unworldly, and unpractical.’
  • ‘While coordinator Lin Kuo-ming said that the panel will seek participants without fixed stances on the issue in order to ensure an ‘objective’ approach, Ho said that such presumptions were naive and unpractical.’
  • ‘This made the direct simulation of the orientation pattern by standard procedures unpractical, especially as the C 3 axes were found to be not parallel to any of the unit cell axes.’
  • ‘She tried to climb up to the torn seat, not at ease, since she was wearing a white cotton knee-length skirt, topped with a sky blue tube top and a matching baby blue sheer cover-up and an adorable little white beret, unpractical indeed.’
  • ‘I can truthfully say that this whole proposition appears to my mind as one of the most grotesque and unpractical that I have yet encountered.’