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(British unpractised)
  • 1(of a person or faculty) not trained or experienced.

    ‘to the unpracticed eye, the result might appear a hodgepodge’
    • ‘Then we see skilled skaters perform a thirty foot rail-grind down a huge concrete stairway; we watch them laugh as Knoxville, obviously unskilled and unpracticed, takes a header into the sidewalk attempting the same thing.’
    • ‘I wrote various things for newspapers afterwards and I was totally ignorant and unpracticed.’
    • ‘It is most important (and many unpractised performers fall down here) to relocate to a simply awful site - at the very least, a desperately uncomfortable sofa but, ideally, under a thin towel on the hard, freezing floor of the bathroom.’
    • ‘But here we were enjoying a ‘vent chaud’ (which to my ear, relatively unpractised in the Québecois accent, sounded more like a mulled wine than a warm wind).’
    • ‘I think I am too old, or too conservative, or too unpractised.’
    • ‘The walk through the woods and meadows is a pleasure, even for unpractised walkers, and quite a way to discover Nature.’
    • ‘Stiff and unpracticed, Szpilman manages to reprise Chopin's Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor, whereupon the officer stows him in an attic directly above German headquarters and feeds him.’
    • ‘The drawing, as the few art historians who've touched it with their own unpracticed fingers have estimated, is most certainly 24 years old, perhaps slightly older.’
    • ‘To my unpracticed ear, most of the words they were saying sounded like ‘anti-freeze.’’
    • ‘Swapo is patently unpracticed in the ways of democracy, and so it is a learning process they have undertaken.’
    • ‘‘Do come out of it,’ she coaxed, with a softness in her voice which any man but unpractised Swithin would have felt to be exquisite. ‘I feel that I have been so foolish as to put in your hands an instrument to effect my own annihilation.’
    • ‘Two ornate ghost pipefish sought refuge amongst the frayed strands, but these proved difficult to the unpractised eye; the divemasters knew exactly where to find them.’
    • ‘But the Krasians hadn't heard; they were rushing about in a panic as the hoof beats and unpractised howls drew closer.’
    • ‘Once finished, I scribbled a short note to him underneath, in the unpractised hand of a man who rarely writes, and folded it over.’
    • ‘His brother raised his eyebrows, his unpractised conceit filtering into his expression.’
    • ‘For those unpracticed in doing theology by properly distinguishing law and gospel, or in constructing ethics by showing how this distinction determines where we stand before God and neighbor, this is a valuable book.’
    • ‘Because your animal speech was as underdeveloped as the unpracticed human speech of a child.’
    • ‘I expect that I won't be required to speak in Japanese, as I am extremely unpracticed in the language…?’
    • ‘To my unpracticed eye, this signature is similar to those signatures acknowledged by Dr. Karimian as his and that on the Questioned Power opined by Mr. Lindblom as being Dr. Karimian's.’
    • ‘Now, pointless variation is in fact a sin of unpracticed writers, but lots of variation has a point, so there's no justification for viewing all variation with suspicion.’
    inexpert, unpractised, lacking experience, untrained, untutored, unschooled, unqualified, unskilled, underskilled, amateur, uninitiated
    1. 1.1(of an action or performance) not often done before.
      ‘an unpracticed improvisation’
      • ‘The diaries are at the heart of much of this continuing interest, even when perhaps not obviously so, because of their dogged frankness about Mann's yearning and unpractised homosexuality.’
      • ‘While no one disputes Ahola's ability to lift 900 pounds, some have found his performance refreshingly unpracticed, others off-puttingly amateurish.’
      • ‘Now if we feel compelled to write in longhand we are embarrassed by the unpractised scrawl that we see appearing on the page in front of us.’
      • ‘They smile back at me as the fairy vanishes with the last drops of unpracticed salty pearls that I manage to squeeze.’
      • ‘Bakker's unpracticed prose (he fights dyslexia) sometimes veers into ‘Christianese,’ but the raw experience pushes through.’
      • ‘It isn't clear which of these problems are intrinsically tied to cloning, and which may have resulted from poor execution of relatively unpracticed techniques - or even sheer bad luck.’
      • ‘An American man is eight times more likely to experience jail than his European counterpart, and while capital punishment is unpracticed in Europe, 6,000 of those behind bars in the US today are on death row.’
      • ‘After an initial timing by the teacher on an unpracticed story, students graph this ‘cold reading’ score on bar graphs in their individual folders.’
      • ‘I envy her recklessness, the roughness of her unpracticed pirouettes, the occasional clumsy misstep that inspires no apologies.’
      • ‘Yoshiki smiled, a true unpracticed smile, and thanked Sugizo and his other co-conspirators for the pass.’
      • ‘He spoke curtly and with an unpracticed manner, as if he didn't try to comfort people very often; which in itself was true.’
      • ‘I knew immediately that from the position of his gun, I had plenty of time to hit the suspect well ahead of his unpracticed draw.’
      • ‘The light tunes of the rough Russian interpreted jazz sung up and down to the beats of a symphonic, unpracticed melody.’
      • ‘Reading the unpracticed sign language, Lucia laughed while her little brother mutely giggled.’
      • ‘While he seemed to have an unpracticed grace, the chap was still clumsy to almost a point of impossibility.’
      • ‘A small dark man sat cross-legged on a divan, and Hugh made an unpracticed little bow.’



/ˌənˈpraktəst/ /ˌənˈpræktəst/