Definition of unpredictability in English:


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  • Inability to be predicted; changeability.

    ‘the unpredictability of the British weather’
    • ‘the constant element of unpredictability keeps the show fresh’
    • ‘Even the script has the rough-cut unpredictability of real life.’
    • ‘The unpredictability of island life has made him a stickler for schedules.’
    • ‘The one element that has remained constant over the years is their unpredictability.’
    • ‘Beneath the surface of small-town serenity lies a dark domain where innocents dare not tread and unpredictability is the norm.’
    • ‘Households are fragile and vulnerable, easily upset by the power and unpredictability of human emotions.’



/ˌənprēˌdiktəˈbilədē/ /ˌənpriˌdɪktəˈbɪlədi/