Definition of unpredicted in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənprəˈdiktəd/ /ˌənprəˈdɪktəd/


  • (of an event or result) unforeseen.

    ‘the unpredicted change of weather’
    • ‘When my mother saw the bamboo fragments, she had to be supported by her servant girls, Yuki and Hone, a result of the unpredicted shock.’
    • ‘Installation of the board did not result in any unpredicted occurrences, either mechanically or in terms of software.’
    • ‘We've hoped the complexity of science can explain the complexity of organizations and we've asked science for tools to stop the unpredicted events that suddenly destroy lives and futures.’
    • ‘Even the simplest addition can cause unpredicted results.’
    • ‘But what if the problem is caused by a natural, unpredicted event?’
    • ‘It also allows unmanned spacecraft to handle unpredicted events in real time, without waiting for ground control to tell them what to do.’
    • ‘Exposure to mixtures of chemicals can produce unusual and unpredicted effects.’
    • ‘If we can look back and say one unpredicted side-effect of television was that it created a culture of voyeurs, then future generations may cast an eye to the Internet and say it unwittingly turned us all into rude, rotten bastards.’
    • ‘It is not washing with the public: the unpredicted consequence of Lord Hutton letting the government off scot free is that people are regarding the Blair government with even more suspicion and distrust.’
    • ‘The most common outcome of genetic engineering is unpredicted effects.’
    • ‘Which may seem pretty damn obvious when you compare the recent disaster of mobile phone content and the equally unpredicted success of SMS phone text messaging, but be kind.’
    • ‘The only other comparable errors occurred in 1982 and 1991, years affected by unpredicted recessions.’
    • ‘In these circumstances we do our best to predict possible outcomes, then take controlled measures to slowly discover any unpredicted effects.’
    • ‘The game provided 2 out of 3 shocking goals, an unpredicted defeat and a fitting end to a superb FA Cup Campaign.’
    • ‘It is very tough to test a theory that has no unpredicted outcomes.’
    • ‘What would you expect to happen when an unpredicted accident or illness befalls you or her?’
    • ‘Having set the dynamic design in motion He is not now subject to unplanned or unpredicted random events.’
    • ‘Testing the liquid on a small ant produced results that were… unpredicted.’
    • ‘I did something unexpected then, so unpredicted that even I was surprised.’
    unexpected, unanticipated, unforeseen, unpredictable, unpredicted



/ˌənprəˈdiktəd/ /ˌənprəˈdɪktəd/