Definition of unprimed in English:



  • 1Not made ready for use or action.

    • ‘The day after telling the probe of an unprimed bomb left in plastic bags at her Buncrana house, Mrs McMahon recalled the day the bomb went off in Strabane and she was told ‘it is one of ours’.’
    • ‘The remaining two-thirds of the trials were unprimed, in which there was no relation between the distractor letters of the prime-trial and the target letters of the probe-trial.’
    • ‘In the early '70s I paid $3.80 for a box of twenty.25 - '06 unprimed cases.’
    • ‘Today Starline manufactures more than 60 unprimed cartridges cases from the 380 Area to the 50 Alaskan, then offers them at factory direct prices.’
    • ‘Winchester's unprimed handgun and rifle shell cases also are being offered in the new packaging, 50 and 100 per bag, depending on the cartridge.’
    • ‘Components available this way include rifle and pistol bullets and unprimed shell cases.’
    1. 1.1(of wood, canvas, or metal) not covered with primer or undercoat.
      • ‘His use of bleach to paint directly onto unprimed canvas was a conceptual double whammy - not only did the works have a convincing and beautiful singularity, the subject was reinforced by the connotations of the materials.’
      • ‘The artist might attempt to disguise them by extending her unprimed canvas beyond the stretcher, suggesting an alternative, almost Arte Povera reading of the work as art object.’
      • ‘Sometimes paint has bled under the tape - in particular when it was applied to an area of bare, unprimed canvas - and blurred the edge of the line.’
      • ‘She has created a large structure in bare, unprimed wood.’
      • ‘These big, freely painted, heavily collaged unprimed canvases together form something of a spiritual marching band, though they mostly seem to follow the beat of Jean-Michel Basquiat.’
      • ‘Mr. Russo had guided his young son's hand as Dominic gingerly dipped the wide brush into the bucket of white paint and then slowly wiped it over the unprimed wood.’
      • ‘The last batch of 7mm Dakota cartridges I loaded using new, unprimed brass averaged .012’ to .015’ runout on the case necks.’
      • ‘Working on unprimed Belgian Linen and her 20 year collection of handmade Japanese papers, she enhances each piece with gold and silver leaf, glass frit, threads, metallic paints, inks and iridescent paints.’
      • ‘Signs of Burnette were everywhere, from the paint-splattered easel with the rustic ‘World's Fastest Artist ‘plaque to the piles of unprimed masonite waiting for the master's rapid touch.’’
      • ‘Painted on unprimed European paper and bound in true codex form, manuscripts such as the Codex Mendoza sever the image as such from its earlier function as written language.’
      • ‘Condensation on the unprimed back side or wicking under the lap from the face of bevel siding are common causes of this.’
      • ‘These have the advantage of being fast drying and may be used on a wide variety of unprimed or acrylic-primed supports.’
    2. 1.2Biology Medicine (of a cell) not having an induced susceptibility or proclivity.