Definition of unprivileged in English:



  • Not having special rights, advantages, or immunities.

    ‘Mrs. Weber is from an unprivileged background’
    • ‘David Hicks, of course, has been charged with three offences - they are conspiracy to commit war crimes, attempted murder by an unprivileged belligerent and aiding the enemy.’
    • ‘We are a real family-orientated club and while we may not win trophies every season we are providing unprivileged youngsters the chance to play football.’
    • ‘In a condolence message, Capt Singh said that Mrs Amrit Dhaliwal was a multi-faceted personality committed to bring social awakening amongst the unprivileged sections of society.’
    • ‘While rock offers a chosen few access to the very gates of paradise, a million more pretenders to stardom in every generation have to suck it up and get on with their unextraordinary, unprivileged lives.’
    • ‘Like most of the young oligarchs - Roman Abramovich, an unprivileged and self-taught orphan, is a rarity - he is a graduate of a premier-league university.’
    • ‘They were asking for documents that were unprivileged, non-privileged documents, and the White House would never do that - Kyra.’
    • ‘To spell out the point I was trying to make quite concretely with Samuel Johnson's words: there is no purely privileged or unprivileged person.’
    • ‘I have long held the view that A-Levels are an embarrassing anachronism, just another mechanism for separating the privileged from the unprivileged.’
    • ‘And there's a real question in my mind about this attempted murder by an unprivileged belligerent.’
    • ‘He has become steadily more aware of the usefulness of that unprivileged biography.’
    • ‘Moreover, Bakhtin argues that in Dostoevsky's polyphonic novels the author is only an unprivileged voice taking part in his own internal dialogue, where his conflicting ideas are incarnated by various characters.’
    • ‘‘If normal security restrictions are observed, unprivileged users will not be able to log onto critical machines such as domain controllers, and as a result would be unable to attack them,’ MS hastens to point out.’
    • ‘In the less rebellious 1980s and 1990s, these themes of repression and rebellion gave way to an emphasis on the complacency, conservatism, and loyalism that reigned in supposedly unprivileged as well as propertied society.’
    • ‘Since they served initially as repositories of culture for the socially elite, people of color and the economically unprivileged have often felt that museums were designated for individuals other than themselves.’
    • ‘‘Children are encouraged to bring wrapped Christmas presents to give to Father Christmas for unprivileged children,’ said Lucy Taylor, one of the organisers.’
    • ‘Some examples of roles are the general unprivileged user role (user r) and the system administrator role (sysadm r).’
    • ‘Although caesarean sections are commoner among private patients, the trend to caesarean sections may have a knock-on effect on the socially unprivileged women seeking what they perceive to be good health care during delivery.’
    • ‘Although the gap in mortality between the privileged and the unprivileged is very large, and has been growing wider, a health care system can only build a healthy society to the degree that other social systems work.’
    • ‘The vastly different health outcomes for privileged and unprivileged people are ‘biological reflections of social fault lines.’’



/ˌənˈpriv(ə)lijd/ /ˌənˈprɪv(ə)lɪdʒd/