Definition of unprofitable in English:



  • 1(of a business or activity) not yielding profit or financial gain.

    ‘the mines became increasingly unprofitable’
    • ‘But 77 per cent of the profit was generated because most of their business was unprofitable.’
    • ‘The enormous rise in premiums has made an unprofitable business profitable again.’
    • ‘Second, it hid huge debts incurred to finance unprofitable new businesses, including retail energy services for new customers.’
    • ‘These lines and in particular the freight business is unprofitable and not worth the costs it would take to improve them.’
    • ‘Rycroft, who had his head shaved to add to the deceit that he was being treated for the illness, also poured other people's money into a string of unprofitable businesses.’
    • ‘Government props prevented the failure and liquidation of unproductive, unprofitable businesses and capital.’
    • ‘Some expressed worry about the summer tourism season and unprofitable business because of the troops.’
    • ‘This is an unprofitable business and it is not confined to Britain's biggest supermarket chain.’
    • ‘The loss was due to increased costs to shut unprofitable business and fire staff.’
    • ‘In theory, business would transfer from unprofitable branches that shut down to those that remained, improving their prospects.’
    • ‘Why are there profitable companies in unprofitable industries?’
    • ‘Viable industries and business undertakings were rendered unprofitable.’
    • ‘Dial announced that it sold its unprofitable specialty personal care business and it will take a $200 million charge on the loss from the sale.’
    • ‘But the PC hardware business is becoming more unprofitable by the day.’
    • ‘His recent ascension to his current position put him in a tough spot in CSFB's unprofitable investment banking business.’
    • ‘The association believes this would make the business unprofitable.’
    • ‘He said that it was clear that Cisco was wanting to pull out of the unprofitable client business.’
    • ‘And during the great dot-com boom, some highly unprofitable companies gained great prominence on this measure.’
    • ‘They are often non-profit organizations, and almost always unprofitable ventures.’
    • ‘BA is now less dependent on low-yield economy fare passengers and further plans to cut unprofitable capacity could spur improvements in operating profit.’
    • ‘He conducted zero gravity research on animal stem cells, worthy, but unprofitable work.’
    • ‘And companies will stay in unprofitable research for a long time, but not forever.’
    unprofitable, uncommercial, unremunerative, non-viable
    1. 1.1(of an activity) not beneficial or useful.
      ‘there has been much unprofitable speculation’
      • ‘When we understand that the clinging to the concept of self causes us many problems in life, that it leads to what is unprofitable, we may see the benefit of the development of right understanding.’
      • ‘You waste time on unprofitable activities, and devalue your donated services.’
      • ‘Of all weary, flat, dull, and unprofitable ways of spending life, this exceeds all.’
      • ‘This line of reasoning can only end in unprofitable speculation about who initiated tensions.’
      fruitless, vain, pointless