Definition of unpronounceable in English:


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  • (of a word or name) too difficult to say.

    ‘a Peruvian author with an unpronounceable name’
    • ‘I was looking up the definition of some unpronounceable word when a tiny blue box appeared at the corner of my screen.’
    • ‘Indeed, the various names of God that forms the heart of Kabbalah are not some mysterious deep-throated unpronounceable words that cause cosmic upheavals.’
    • ‘I couldn't read anymore textbooks with unpronounceable words about postmodern feminism.’
    • ‘The actual name was unpronounceable, and so was Shadowmelder's given name, so he just called himself that, and that was the end of it.’
    • ‘Now, as his breakout hit All About My Mother takes him to the Oscars, the man with the unpronounceable name is becoming a household word.’
    • ‘It also has a nearly unpronounceable title, The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.’
    • ‘Neil adopts a six-year-old girl from Africa, with an unpronounceable name, who can't speak a word of anything.’
    • ‘Another major improvement is the switch from an unpronounceable acronym for the system to the very descriptive name, Rescue 21.’
    • ‘I should have written ‘noun,’ of course; the unpronounceable verb would be Iraqi-ize.’
    • ‘It is an unpronounceable name, perhaps because it is not really the name of a specific anthropmorphised entity but a formula that describes a process.’
    • ‘Yes, there is more to hate about WLANs than the unpronounceable acronym.’
    • ‘The fact that the players may be from foreign leagues and offer unpronounceable surnames merely adds to their mystical allure.’
    • ‘Coming from Texas, as did Buddy Holly, for Bush to make such a mistake is far worse than not knowing the unpronounceable name of a prime minister of an obscure country.’
    • ‘If the label is bad, the region is obscure and the name is unpronounceable, it could be a great buy - after all, a wine like this has to have something going for it.’
    • ‘I just want these critics to admit that they like something besides bands with unpronounceable names and acoustic guitars.’
    • ‘No one knew that the victims they imagined as faceless bogeymen with unpronounceable names, I imagined as my mother.’
    • ‘Murder victim Lindita Kukaj was a lot more than a non-national with an unpronounceable name to her Sligo friends.’
    • ‘Look at you, you're a monster, you have that accent and that unpronounceable name.’
    • ‘With a jumble of numbers and unpronounceable names - pyridoxine, cobalamin and molybdenum, say - it's hard to know which ingredients are hype and which you really need to stay healthy.’
    • ‘A drug with an unpronounceable name is being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer for more than 20 years.’



/ˌənprəˈnounsəb(ə)l/ /ˌənprəˈnaʊnsəb(ə)l/