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(also unproved)
  • 1Not demonstrated by evidence or argument to be true or existing.

    ‘long-standing but unproven allegations’
    • ‘the risks are unproven’
    • ‘By comparison, the risk from defective, counterfeit or mislabeled drugs from Canada is presumed but unproved by any evidence.’
    • ‘If the ‘legality’ of these arguments remained unproven, the work of art was purchased with devalued Reichsmarks.’
    • ‘At the least, that first conclusion seems to me unproven by his own arguments in favor of mortality.’
    • ‘If their arguments remain unproved or are disproved, then the war will incite instability.’
    • ‘Humberside Police had also deleted some of the unproven allegations from their files in the mistaken belief that this was required by the Data Protection Act.’
    • ‘For some, Miss Sgrena's account vindicates Mr. Jordan's unproven allegation, which cost him his job at CNN.’
    • ‘At least three, facing unproven allegations, have committed suicide.’
    • ‘At the moment, these are allegations and they remain unproven at this time.’
    • ‘In at least three cases, teachers facing unproven allegations have committed suicide.’
    • ‘The Appellant lodged her appeal with the Care Standards Tribunal on 28 June 2004, claiming that the allegations of misconduct were unproved and malicious.’
    • ‘Martin's presumptuous and unproven speculation borders on the absurd.’
    • ‘He cited an unproven allegation of fraud and the conduct of the plaintiff in support of this request.’
    • ‘Khaddad dismissed as an unproven assumption the notion that the final status referendum would be tilted in Morocco's favour.’
    • ‘Mr Best agrees that tougher planning controls should apply, but insists the case against masts on health grounds remains unproven.’
    • ‘Thus, he is unafraid to absorb untested and unproven philosophies lest they can provide a vital edge.’
    • ‘Hardy's friend MacMahon, who at that time was preparing a book on Combinatory Analysis, formulated the identities in partition theoretic form, but stated these as unproved conjectures in his book.’
    • ‘However, it remains an unproven hypothesis and many of its facets have become untenable.’
    • ‘Unfounded generalisations and unproven claims are common in intellectual pursuits.’
    speculative, suppositional, theoretical, hypothetical, putative, academic, notional, abstract
    1. 1.1(of a new or alternative product, system, or treatment) not tried and tested.
      ‘new and unproven technologies’
      • ‘And with its completion we look forward to similar trials of established but unproved treatments in other areas of medicine.’
      • ‘Those who would prefer to bypass rigorous research for example, by shifting the discussion towards patients' preference and hope to integrate unproved treatments into routine health care are unlikely to succeed in the long run.’
      • ‘As a result, waiting 8 years for an unproven system squanders time, money, and possibly lives.’
      • ‘Sometimes our enthusiasm for unproven treatments may harm our patients.’
      • ‘Dr Daniel is keen to point out that she has spent much of her career investigating unproven therapies and protecting patients from them.’
      • ‘The Gerson therapy is unproved in that it has not been subjected to systematic study.’
      • ‘Building huge warehouses would cost millions of pounds that Tesco was hesitant to spend on an unproven service.’
      • ‘By medicine's own standards, at best chemotherapy is unproved against 90 percent of adult solid tumors, the huge majority of common cancers resulting in death.’
      • ‘Fine tooth combing of wet hair is an effective method of detecting head lice but unproved as a treatment’
      • ‘Mr Hoon and Tony Blair are set upon signing up to President Bush's missile defence system, even though the technology is unproven and the costs fantastic.’
      • ‘And as the first machine to use the new, ARM-based Palm OS, the T contained a lot of untried, unproven technology.’
      • ‘Further on, the biometrics that are meant to make this system unbreakable are unproven.’
      • ‘I worry that implementing unproven large computer systems will push hospitals over the financial edge.’
      • ‘Same variety of superstitious nonsense, unproven, and when tested, shown to not work.’
      • ‘Over the last few years many unproven screening tests have become widely available.’
      • ‘He said that the link between BSE and vCJD was unproved, that the evidence was weak, that it was not a new disease, and that the rate of growth was very much less than would be expected from a food-borne source.’
      • ‘Although unproven on soft ground, she looks an exciting prospect and it would come as no surprise to see her provide Darley with win 151 here.’
      • ‘And if the rains were to come he is also unproven on ground softer than good.’
      • ‘Barcelona lose Rivaldo, their one true quality player, and bring in the unproved Juan Roman Riquelme and Gaizka Mendieta, a recovering failure from the Italian league.’
      • ‘If I fight them and defeat them, people will just say I conquered some unproven, untested fighters.’
      provisional, unconfirmed, unsettled, indefinite, pencilled in, preliminary, to be confirmed, TBC, subject to confirmation



/ˌənˈpro͞ov(ə)n/ /ˌənˈpruv(ə)n/