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(also British unpublicised)
  • Not made widely known.

    ‘Wu, who was named vice foreign minister for Asian affairs last Friday after a stint as ambassador to Japan, arrived in Seoul on an unpublicized trip Sunday for talks with South Korean officials, Yonhap said.’
    • ‘The unpublicized trip to the United States by South Korea's head of intelligence organization that started Sunday raised speculation Kim may visit Seoul much earlier than expected.’
    • ‘Soviet missiles would be removed from Cuba in return for the unpublicized removal of missiles from Turkey.’
    • ‘The decision had crept under the leadership's radar - many did not know anything about it - until Scotland on Sunday uncovered the unpublicised release of the council's new guidelines to schools.’
    • ‘Details of the enhanced scheme, which pays for former prime ministers' private offices, are disclosed in previously unpublicised parliamentary papers deposited in the House of Commons library.’
    • ‘There was a largely unpublicised dispensation, the deadline of which ended last Monday, whereby areas of crop failure could be regarded as set-aside, provided MAFF was notified.’
    • ‘It is alleged that at least four businessmen, and possibly more, who made unpublicised loans to the Labour Party were subsequently nominated for peerages by Tony Blair.’
    • ‘This surprise move was revealed in an unpublicised review by a senior Whitehall civil servant, Mike Baldwin, recently posted on the DETR's website.’
    • ‘One of the saddest and most galling aspects of this foot and mouth tragedy has been the relentless, silent, unpublicised invasion of our shop shelves by imported meat.’
    • ‘And I can imagine the farmers' fears at the moment, mainly because we experienced a similar, smaller and unpublicised scare last year.’
    • ‘In the last few days he has given two unpublicised talks to meetings in Scotland at which he has rebuked the Executive for failing to curb the car by investing in public transport.’
    • ‘All the good things this Labour Government has done pass by ignored, unheralded, unpublicised by either the press or the government itself.’
    • ‘He is the author of a series of books which has rocketed him from his prolific but unpublicised status to the position of an international literary celebrity.’
    • ‘The theft seems to have been an internal job involving a security guard, but no prosecution followed and the thefts went unpublicised.’
    • ‘Restoring empty homes offers a hefty but unpublicised tax perk.’
    • ‘The prime minister flew to Saudi Arabia yesterday on an unpublicised mission to talk to the country's leaders.’
    • ‘In an unpublicised ruling last week, the High Court agreed to her appeal against suspension from the Roll.’
    • ‘Almost equally unpublicised was a meeting at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg this week.’
    • ‘However, Stalin introduced it into the USSR in the 1930s, as an unpublicized part of the industrial revolution he conducted there; and once the Pacific war had started the Japanese used slave labour to build the Burma - Thailand railway.’
    • ‘Then this year McDonald's agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle a lawsuit over its unpublicized delays in efforts to eliminate trans-fatty acids from the process.’



/ˌənˈpəbləˌsīzd/ /ˌənˈpəbləˌsaɪzd/