Definition of unpurified in English:



  • Not made pure.

    ‘unpurified water’
    • ‘The dry root can be immediately used in the form of a decoction with water or, alternatively, the unpurified water extract can be compacted to make tablets for clinical use.’
    • ‘At its best, landscape painting is not, in Henry Fuseli's words, ‘the tame delineation of a given spot’; not what Baudelaire decried as ‘Nature unpurified and unexplained by the imagination’.’
    • ‘The unpurified sinner trying to take the short cut to salvation by dying within the city limits: throwing himself into the traffic on Panchakroshi Road and emerging unscathed, swept up perhaps by the trunk of a passing elephant.’
    • ‘Sang claims while patients could take the drug by eating one of the ‘designer’ eggs, it is unlikely the drug regulation authorities would allow it to go on the market unpurified.’
    • ‘It's a strain that can be picked up from unpasteurized milk or unpurified cider, but it's most often found in ground beef that hasn't been thoroughly cooked.’
    • ‘The unpurified paroxetine residue may be used in the preparation of paroxetine methanesulfonate.’
    • ‘We spread unpurified spores from the diploid onto a YPD plate containing cycloheximide and determined the fate of the cells after 12 hr of incubation.’
    • ‘Instead of a conceptual, allegorical framework leading Dante up into the unifying vision of God as the Supreme Pleasure, there is only the unpurified, physical body tied to the social in all its gross materiality.’
    • ‘The use of unpurified rabbit antisera in immunological assays may result in false-positive reactions and false impressions about the degree of cross-reactivity among mold species and genera.’
    • ‘About 200-300 unpurified colonies from each selection were inoculated as patches in a regular array on the same selective medium from which they were taken.’
    • ‘Both unpurified air, originating from another location, and the air containing organic impurities which is produced in the drier itself can be purified in the drier.’
    • ‘In other cases, unpurified PCR products were used.’
    • ‘Herbal medicines are unpurified and only roughly quantified.’
    • ‘This has motivated us to admit you, despite your unpurified soul.’
    • ‘Herbalists generally use unpurified plant extracts, which contain many constituents.’
    unprocessed, untreated, unpurified, crude, raw, natural, plain, coarse, rough, unworked, unprepared, unmilled, unfinished



/ˌənˈpyo͝orəˌfīd/ /ˌənˈpjʊrəˌfaɪd/