Definition of unquantified in English:



  • Not expressed or measured in terms of quantity.

    ‘we now have abundant, if unquantified, evidence’
    • ‘Further, the judge refused to take into account the contributions of the parties by way of their labour, being unquantified in monetary terms, and similarly Mrs Drake's other contributions to the household were ignored.’
    • ‘In view of the novelty and uncertainties of [Marc's] case, I do not think that the doctors could reasonably have been expected to do more than advise on the risks and advantages of each option in fairly broad and unquantified terms.’
    • ‘We have been asked by the council to take on a pension liability which is unspecified and unquantified.’
    • ‘So in the instant case after receipt of the final certificate which quantified those claims left unquantified by the Engineer's decision, the appellants gave notice to the Engineer of a dispute in relation to quantification.’
    • ‘There is evidence that there were unquantified problems with ‘leakers’ which were bags of milk which leaked.’
    • ‘This, however, allows for unidentified and thus unquantified errors to be dispersed, with potential risk to patient health.’
    • ‘The advantage of these imperial gains, especially in the last third of the century, had been uncertain and unquantified.’
    • ‘Yesterday, Michael Collins SC, for the bank, said the deficit was unquantified at the moment but was potentially very serious and appeared to have arisen from the activities of Stephen Pearson rather than Mr Morrogh.’
    • ‘And still unquantified is the impact of fiscal decentralization on central government revenues and spending obligations.’
    • ‘Icmsa president Pat O'Rourke said the report cost over €350,000 and delivered nothing more than aspirational and unquantified projections.’
    • ‘Not only is there a health risk, one as yet unquantified, but the move would place the supply of crops in the hands of unaccountable corporations who, with the NGOs, would control Africa's food stocks.’
    • ‘Many rare breeds possess special and distinctive characteristics, which have an unquantified potential value, not only in research but also in novel systems of animal production.’
    • ‘Today, we see many of these same concerns about a currently unquantified threat of attack and outbreak versus a very real threat of severe results from the cure.’
    • ‘Mr Breen's budget looked healthier than it did in March, when there were huge, unquantified costs leaving large holes and risks in the PCT's finances.’
    • ‘And it may be forced to write-down the value of some of its magazine mastheads by an as yet unquantified amount.’
    • ‘Deputy O'Shea stated that global warming is as yet an unquantified future force in regard to coastal erosion.’
    • ‘However, what was delivered is no more than aspirational and the unquantified projections.’
    • ‘Many of its depots were caught up in the disaster, with an unquantified amount of the firm's equipment damaged.’
    • ‘Its case now rests, not on the current situation, but on an unquantified projection into the future.’
    • ‘They would say that Iraq poses huge, if unquantified threats to the free world.’
    unnamed, unstated, unidentified, unquantified, undesignated, undefined, unfixed, undecided, undetermined, uncertain, uncounted



/ˌənˈkwän(t)əˌfīd/ /ˌənˈkwɑn(t)əˌfaɪd/