Definition of unquenched in English:



  • Not quenched.

    ‘The owner smiled in response, though her curiosity remained unquenched.’
    • ‘Someone has cannily spotted this unquenched desire, and decided that the best solution would be to create Girl Heaven, a fairytale palace stacked to the rafters with pink and shiny trinkets.’
    • ‘Shell revives unquenched desire to sell Ireland's oldest company’
    • ‘I didn't react in the usual way with a quick burst of swearing and a resigned return to sleep with thirst unquenched, vowing to deal with it in the morning.’
    • ‘Despite the steps taken by the authorities to protect the road users, the thirst of roads for human blood continues unquenched, to put it in the words of a modern writer,’
    • ‘As if the Assassins had read his desperate thoughts, several fireballs suddenly slammed into the ground directly in front of him, creating an impenetrable wall of magic fire, unquenched by the heavy rain.’
    • ‘It is what lies behind the illusion of hang-time that made Jordan great: athleticism, complete ball-skill and an unquenched desire to inflict his will.’
    • ‘She finds herself beckoning, urging, pleading with the other woman to calm the angry fires of unquenched lust ablaze within her own tormented soul.’
    • ‘My last view of her was of a dynamic, compact figure, her thirst for intellectual adventure clearly unquenched, as she marched towards yet another threshold.’
    • ‘With his thirst for the freedom struggle remaining unquenched, he organised a procession there, only to serve a second term of three months.’
    • ‘There is an unquenched thirst for knowledge about their wardrobe, their bedroom escapades, their sordid past.’
    • ‘I play innocent, citing an interest in Scientology that remains unquenched by my casual Internet surfing.’
    • ‘What devotees of Lashkar-e-Taiba or James Dobson share is an unquenched desire for order.’
    • ‘He has been collecting coins and currency notes for the last three decades and his thirst for more remains unquenched.’
    • ‘The allure of Dulli's own fictional (?) dark world is most magnetic not in his lyrics but rather in his gorgeous music which is fed, made more beautiful even, by the tease of cheap thrills, unquenched desires, and Catholic guilt.’
    • ‘Nothing that the US has done in Iraq marks a new strategy: not the flimsy pretext used to invade, not the doctrine of ‘preemptive war,’ nor America's unquenched need for empire.’
    • ‘Submerged and sublimated, they will periodically push their way up through the conscious surface as unquenched animal desires, inexplicable tendencies, arresting visions and relentless dreams.’
    • ‘Brady somehow has figured all of this out - how to be famous and chic and still be the most popular, admired guy in his locker room, loved by his head coach and owner, a winner whose insatiable drive to succeed remains unquenched.’
    • ‘In an exploration of the passions, including such meaner passions as envy, greed and jealousy, Italo Svevo analyses them in the process of aging with its unquenched appetites in As a Man Grows Older.’
    • ‘He knew that, had seemed to sense it from the first, had felt the terrible unquenched longing in her soul, understood the crying of her skin for touch, of her body for union with another.’



/ˌənˈkwen(t)SHt/ /ˌənˈkwɛn(t)ʃt/