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  • 1Not disputed or doubted; certain.

    ‘his loyalty to John is unquestioned’
    • ‘He will voluntarily withdraw the legislation until such time as there is no doubt who has the unquestioned authority to speak for Native people.’
    • ‘Three-and-a-half years later, she still does not have a solitary title to her name and there are growing doubts about whether her unquestioned potential will ever be realised.’
    • ‘Not every one of these cases is likely to achieve unquestioned acceptance as evidence for ordained women in the ancient Church.’
    • ‘Lisa's unquestioned acceptance of Homer's right and responsibility to exercise his chance-won power reveals the post-modernist attitude towards authority and power.’
    • ‘The more our media toes the ANC party line and offers no investigation or resistance, the more we are left with a true one-party state, unquestioned, unchallenged and unanswerable to its people.’
    • ‘Such depictions, she argues, enforce underlying societal hostility towards women, through unquestioned acceptance of hostility towards other non-human beings.’
    • ‘After all, as a believer in the ‘European destiny’ (yes, they really do talk like that) your rectitude is, by definition, unquestioned.’
    • ‘By the end of this period, he and other artists working with strong Yunnan colours formed a Yunnan School, of which he was recognized as the unquestioned leader.’
    • ‘Their sincerity is unquestioned, evidenced by their use of random capitalization in their mail outs.’
    • ‘Japan is recognized as the unquestioned leader in the photovoltaic market.’
    • ‘What unshackled power rises in the soul that has accepted its unquestioned right to rule?’
    • ‘By tradition, the elderly have been regarded as repositories of wisdom and experience who are the unquestioned arbiters of a family dispute.’
    • ‘He appears on global network TV, and performs before large live audiences, engaging them in discussions regarding gurus and the dangers of passive acceptance of unquestioned belief.’
    • ‘His gaze is returned, the ‘pleasure of seeing’ is undermined, but his position of privilege remains fundamentally unchallenged and unquestioned.’
    • ‘Words and terminologies that were once accepted or unquestioned are now being changed in all languages because over a period of time these words have lost their original meaning and acquired negative connotations.’
    • ‘The class, gender, and racial basis for control of ideas of sexuality and for consumption of luxurious commodities stood as an accepted and unquestioned aspect of privilege.’
    • ‘Interestingly, in his 1998 article, Coyne reflects on why there was such general and unquestioned acceptance of the original research.’
    • ‘When a fitness instructor passes National Boards, the highly valued merit and recognition will be customarily unquestioned nationwide.’
    • ‘So perhaps this lack of ‘proof’ is simply the product of an unquestioned acceptance of one concept over another.’
    • ‘The assumption that longevity is an unquestioned virtue and the conquest of death a legitimate human endeavour is at bottom deeply, fatally psychotic, as I'm afraid our society will come to realise.’
    unquestionable, sure, definite, beyond question, not in question, not in doubt, beyond doubt, unequivocal, indubitable, undeniable, irrefutable, indisputable, incontrovertible, incontestable, obvious, patent, manifest, evident, plain, clear, transparent, palpable, unmistakable, conclusive, recognized, confirmed, accepted, acknowledged, undisputed, undoubted, unquestioned, unchallenged, uncontested
    1. 1.1Not examined or inquired into.
      ‘an unquestioned assumption’
      • ‘They find out quickly how easy it is to hurt one another with unquestioned assumptions and prejudices.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, currently unquestioned metaphysical assumptions may need updating and most importantly, scientists need to understand the limitations of their approach to a conception of the nature of the universe.’
      • ‘Derrida had advanced deconstruction as a challenge to unquestioned assumptions of the Western philosophical tradition.’
      • ‘These themes are underpinned by unquestioned assumptions about the dangers of modern life, lazily repeated like a mantra through much of the media.’
      • ‘It seems that intellectuals live under the unquestioned assumption that what they are doing is important.’
      • ‘There are two unquestioned assumptions underlying this problem.’
      • ‘Nevertheless there was an unquestioned assumption that Afghanistan would remain as always Afghanistan.’
      • ‘One of the objectives is to distance oneself from hidden assumptions and unquestioned interpretations of events and to obtain findings that are, as far as possible, uncolored by one's own biases.’
      • ‘One benefit of comparative philosophy lies in the way that it forces reflection on the most deeply entrenched and otherwise unquestioned agendas and assumptions of one's own tradition.’
      • ‘Common to all the solutions considered is an unquestioned assumption that falling public confidence has been caused by a decline in police standards, manifested in which is both less effective and more prone to abuses of power.’
      • ‘‘The problem is that there are certain unquestioned assumptions about what's required to be successful,’ he says.’
      • ‘Many toxicological studies have been based on the unwritten and unquestioned assumption that all that mattered was the elemental concentration.’
      • ‘By the middle of the nineteenth century, the unquestioned assumptions that once did not shrink from employing children as young as six came to a stop.’
      • ‘Our fixation on ourselves may not be so crude; it could be as subtle as the unquestioned assumption that we are the center and all else is the fringe.’
      • ‘Many of our relationships are burdened by expectations, desires, hidden fears and unquestioned assumptions.’
      • ‘One of the first things I learned on the job was that some of my own unquestioned assumptions about how to work with patients would need to change.’
      • ‘It was an unquestioned assumption in all of my science classes that nothing exists except natural phenomena.’
      • ‘Assumptions are viewed as self-evident, unquestioned, and a starting point for reasoning.’
      • ‘To many, violence has become an intrinsic part of their lives and quite often goes unquestioned and unchallenged.’
      • ‘Their presence is unquestioned and undisputed - their importance almost like an extra club in the bag.’
    2. 1.2Not subjected to questioning.
      ‘These three in particular went unquestioned and therefore accepted by the committee members.’
      • ‘He was allowed to deliver his well-laundered spiel, unquestioned and unchallenged.’



/ˌənˈkweSHCHənd/ /ˌənˈkwɛʃtʃənd/