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  • Accepting something without dissent or doubt.

    ‘an unquestioning acceptance of the traditional curriculum’
    • ‘The objective of such a campaign was to stifle dissent, garner unquestioning support, and rally people around a common symbol.’
    • ‘If hitherto public service broadcasting had been widely accepted in a largely unquestioning way, from Annan onwards old certainties crumbled.’
    • ‘Secondly, Carl's point about a fourth level not being an unquestioning acceptance is a very good one, and should be read.’
    • ‘These are reflections of unquestioning belief and acceptance, like the devout homages of the Master of Ghent or a Fra Angelico.’
    • ‘In a sense, such unquestioning acceptance may be why the Royal Family has survived for so very long.’
    • ‘It was a moment in time that marked the last great communal outpouring of a population's unquestioning faith and innocence.’
    • ‘In her defence the long jumper and former sprinter points out she was young, innocent and unquestioning.’
    • ‘This noble ideal, with its emphasis on unquestioning acceptance of and obedience to authority, is what we should teach our children.’
    • ‘Such self-negating actions were coupled with an unquestioning acceptance of the legitimacy of the familial and social demands on them.’
    • ‘They centre around the interpretations of the leadership and submissive and unquestioning acceptance of these is essential to be a member of good standing.’
    • ‘These confrontations represent a sharp departure from the past practices of unquestioning acceptance.’
    • ‘In contrast to the naive and unquestioning faith of yesteryear, everyone now realizes at least the possibility of collapse of the FDIC.’
    • ‘Americans cherished an uncritical and unquestioning conviction that theirs was the best of countries.’
    • ‘The result is a study that seems sometimes naive and dated - a work for those unquestioning 1980s but a little disappointing as a retrospective now.’
    • ‘The ultimate trust, the unquestioning bliss you get in accepting your twin's word because they would never ever lie to you or try to hurt you…’
    • ‘Central to British government policy towards the European Union has been an unquestioning belief in the progress towards economic reform and liberalisation.’
    • ‘We all fall victim to the unquestioning use of terms that are created by someone, somewhere, to create an impression of something that means something else.’
    • ‘Because a stupefied nation is a subdued nation, an unquestioning nation, a hang-about-who-said-we-should-go-to-war-nation.’
    • ‘But that doesn't mean that, amid the swooning of his unquestioning admirers, the point should not be kept in mind.’
    • ‘European skipper Bernhard Langer, armed with the unquestioning loyalty of his players, proved to be a great leader of men.’
    gullible, naive, impressionable, trusting, over-trusting, over-trustful, exploitable, ripe for the picking, dupable, deceivable, easily deceived, easily taken in, easily led, unsuspicious, unwary, unguarded, unsceptical, uncritical, unquestioning



/ˌənˈkwesCHəniNG/ /ˌənˈkwɛstʃənɪŋ/