Definition of unrated in English:



  • 1Not having received a rating or assessment.

    ‘Now the circle is complete, so that every reported imprint has either one of the six rarity ratings or is unrated.’
    • ‘According to Arum's affidavit, the IBF agreed that for $200,000 they would drop their mandatory defence demands and allow Foreman to fight the unrated German Axel Schultz.’
    • ‘There was a sensational climax to the final of the men's pole vault when unrated Dutchman Rens Blom cleared 5.80m for Holland's first ever gold medal at the World Championships.’
    • ‘The downgrade also comes in the wake of the failure of APP's Indonesian operating subsidiaries to make interest and principal payments on various unrated debt.’
    • ‘The FIs should not invest in unrated securities.’
    • ‘IM Ivan Situru was the only seed in Pool C who was surprised, losing to unrated Jesman Sijabat in the second round.’
    • ‘On the face of it, they have taken a couple of unrated late substitutes to replace fancied fighters, but neither of the new opponents is a mug.’
    • ‘Now I'm listening to music - rating unrated songs in my iTunes list, in alphabetical order which makes for a rather eclectic playlist - and finally catching up with household bookkeeping.’
    • ‘I decided to start at the beginning and see how many of the unrated songs I could get through today.’
    • ‘Although unrated in the national rankings, promoters still see him as a credible name for up-and-coming fighters, despite winning only three times against mediocre opponents in his last 14 fights.’
    • ‘Nyanda, who was initially rated below Ramncwana, suddenly sprang over him despite struggling to beat unrated Kholisile Nyanda in the flyweight division when he could not make the junior flyweight limit in February.’
    • ‘Nearly 500 players from 38 countries, ranging from unrated to grandmasters, took part in the festival, which is split into three groups with a record prize fund for an Open of $150,000.’
    • ‘In fact, the final figure stood pruned after the All India Chess Federation had to discourage quite a few unrated players, obviously with misplaced confidence, from joining the fray.’
    • ‘In April 1979, as an unrated 16-year-old, won the Banja Luka tournament and made his second GM norm.’
    • ‘Since his knockout defeat by Sizwe Sinyabi last year, Xokoloshe has had three fights - winning two against unrated boxers and losing one to Wele Maqolo’
    • ‘Pompey's new look side is unrated, but after all their summer activity, which might not have ended, they too have good reason to go into the opening encounter high on confidence.’
    • ‘Filtering persuades content producers to participate in ratings systems because search engines and, increasingly, browsers may be set to ignore unrated sites.’
    • ‘Howell defeated three unrated opponents and held his own with 3/6 against the others, who all hold Fide titles.’
    • ‘The division began operating on May 31 last year to act as a means of organising unrated sailors who are not on course.’
    • ‘Six are needed for a team and up to ten rigid wing pilots can go (two unrated rigid wing pilots want to come).’
    1. 1.1US (of a film) not allocated an official classification, typically because regarded as unsuitable for general release.
      ‘The film is unrated but, in the European tradition, there are quite a few casual shots of male nudity on display here - not in a sexual way, but in a police-officers-showering-in-the-locker-room kind of way.’
      • ‘Blockbuster Video, shopping mall owners and some newspapers banned the NC - 17 and unrated films, the same as they had the ‘X’ rating.’
      • ‘With such graphic detail, this DVD of the film is unrated as it restores many ‘cuts’ that were deemed too graphic for movie audiences of the time.’
      • ‘Since I could not find the film's rating and because of the explicit sex, I am presuming this disc contains an unrated version of the film.’
      • ‘Despite preemptive warnings that this material is unrated and not suited for the younger set, there's nothing terribly gruesome or graphic here.’
      • ‘The film had to be released unrated or else it would have received an NC - 17, despite containing no violence.’
      • ‘Gruesome, imaginative and completely unforgettable (at least in its original, unrated form), Re-Animator remains Gordon's most celebrated achievement.’
      • ‘Simple - it's the only way to acquire the uncut, unrated version of the original Robocop without paying through the nose.’
      • ‘Plenty of gore (can't wait for the unrated DVD release).’
      • ‘But the DVD release should be available unrated everywhere…’
      • ‘The Center of the World, already infamous for its racy subject matter, was released unrated in the United States to avoid the NC - 17 kiss of death.’
      • ‘I'm sure that a special deluxe unrated DVD with extra bonus footage and/or an alternate ending version of Dawn is on the way, and that it will flow a lot better than the movie I saw in the theater.’
      • ‘Pamela Anderson came to mind last night when I discovered an unrated copy of Cancon masterpiece Barb Wire on sale at Zellers for C $8.97.’
      • ‘All these films we've been talking about… even Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, are all unrated pictures.’
      • ‘A word of caution: when seeking Re-Animator on video, be sure and rent the 86-minute unrated version.’
      • ‘The full grue won't be seen until the unrated DVD is released, so yes, compromises have been made, but not where it really counts.’
      • ‘The unrated version of Man Bites Dog is very squirm inducing, I agree.’
      • ‘In the US, it has earned a whopping $13m (unheard of for an unrated, subtitled movie).’
      • ‘As Penn often says, they shouldn't go see this movie if they know that this is a movie that - it's unrated but it might be NC - 17 or a hard, hard R.’
      • ‘A copy of the unrated version of ‘Requiem for a Dream,’ so he can see what sexist and offensive really looks like.’
    2. 1.2 informal Not highly regarded.



/ˌənˈrādəd/ /ˌənˈreɪdəd/