Definition of unreadability in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌrēdəˈbilətē/


See unreadable

‘For this reason it seems possible that the somewhat fearsome reputation of Ulysses, the popular idea of its lofty unreadability, owes as much to its erratic attention to image as to the more widely famous difficulty of its language.’
  • ‘The mystery is that Harold Bloom, for all his nearly perfect unreadability, today finds himself in that small but lucky elite of writers whose books sell without being actually read.’
  • ‘The sense of unreadability derives not just from the urban layout, or (it must be said) from the fact that I am foreign, but from the sheer scale and speed of redevelopment.’
  • ‘Many of the ambiguities are surely due to cultural unreadability: these texts are hardly solicitous towards the Western viewer.’
  • ‘I work with tiny publishing houses, rejecting dozens of manuscripts every week on the basis of sheer unreadability.’