Definition of unreasoned in English:



  • Not based on good sense or logic.

    ‘an unreasoned reaction to the idea’
    • ‘But from science and everyday life, I know that my intuition - an effortless, immediate, unreasoned sense of truth - sometimes errs.’
    • ‘My reaction was instant, unreasoned and violent.’
    • ‘Miss Williams criticises this, essentially on the basis that the written submissions to Lord Brennan had contended for a comparison with libel awards and that the rejection of those submissions is unreasoned and irrational.’
    • ‘The report reveals that decisions are based on ‘inaccurate and out-of-date country information, unreasoned decisions about people's credibility and a failure to properly consider complex torture cases.’’
    • ‘To say that there can be no justification without pre-judgement and that pre-judgements are historically variable is not to say that justification in the sense of giving reasons is no different from unreasoned assertion.’
    • ‘The incursion of sectarian orthodoxy in Indian history involves two distinct problems, to wit, narrow sectarianism, and unreasoned orthodoxy.’
    • ‘I can of course hate the people who give me reason to, but sometimes this unreasoned dislike worries me a lot.’
    • ‘In fact, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that we are guilty of what Singer calls speciesism: a form of unreasoned bigotry against other species similar to racism and sexism.’
    • ‘Sometimes the body politic is lulled into thinking along unreasoned lines.’
    • ‘Anger builds on anger, reinforced by self-righteousness and then becomes an unreasoned rage.’
    • ‘He had his prejudices and unreasoned commitments, but was more interested in developing and communicating his perception of how things were than advancing any cause.’
    • ‘He promised to quickly tackle the ‘sensitive’ issue of ‘unrealistic expectations’ in levels of government services before they led to ‘disappointment and unreasoned hostility’.’
    • ‘We note that in Condron v United Kingdom unreported, 2nd May, the [ECtHR] seems to have questioned the competence of the Court of Appeal to assess safety against the background of an unreasoned verdict.’
    • ‘‘This therefore leaves no alternative to making a care order based on the local authority's plan to place M for adoption’ is a plainly unreasoned conclusion.’
    • ‘The implicit contrast is masculine intellect and reasoned judgement over female intuition and unreasoned emotionality, however generous it might be.’
    • ‘That is, does your submission at least tend in the direction of contending that absence of motive can never be challenged on the basis that some criminal conduct is unreasoned and unreasonable?’
    • ‘The trouble is, one of the consequences to be expected of privacy campaigns on cookies is that the public and legislators will be whipped up into an unreasoned and uninformed frenzy on cookies.’
    • ‘Could a sane person accuse his god of such unreasoned hatred, while simultaneously proclaiming it the embodiment of divine love?’
    • ‘Why would I lend it any other meaning than the one that gives me joy, some vitality and in the face of unreasoned reality?’
    • ‘Driven once more to unreasoned panic, he tore upwards, unheeding of the dangers.’
    irrational, unreasonable, unsound, unreasoned, unfounded, groundless, unjustifiable, unjustified



/ˌənˈrēz(ə)nd/ /ˌənˈriz(ə)nd/