Definition of unreconciled in English:



  • Not reconciled.

    ‘unreconciled conflict’
    • ‘It is a matter of historical record that free will and determinism have for long periods been either reconciled, unreconciled or complicated in different cultures.’
    • ‘There were in 1991 serious problems in reconciling customer margins, with many large outstanding unreconciled balances.’
    • ‘It is the only strategy in town, but you can almost hear the spluttering indignation from the many Tories (and at least one newspaper publisher) who remain unreconciled five years after the party's U-turn.’
    • ‘In court, she was forced to air details of her unreconciled rift with Diana, and conceded letters to her ‘tempestuous’ daughter were returned unopened.’
    • ‘To his rear a revolt of Pueblo Indians and unreconciled Mexicans was crushed by Price in January 1847, while Doniphan with 600-700 Missouri volunteers overawed the powerful Navajo.’
    • ‘He loves Miranda not only for her money but for her wit, and his final exit, amidst curses, echoes that of Malvolio in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, an unreconciled, impotent figure, with no role in the marriage celebrations.’
    • ‘Then he returns, unreconciled, sword in hand, and slashes his way through everything (including his mother, a gang of schoolchildren, and Takeshi Kitano).’
    • ‘The old quantum theory, as these efforts came to be called, was an uneasy and unreconciled combination of the classical ideas of Newton and Maxwell with the quantum prescriptions of Planck and Einstein.’
    • ‘On one side progress was threatened by the old aristocratic and clerical elites, which remained unreconciled to the Revolution and conducted a desperate rearguard action to reverse it.’
    • ‘But not far from the convention floor, at receptions and soirées across town, the truly unreconciled unburdened themselves.’
    • ‘Yet conscience continues to prod us over past unreconciled differences, and memories betray our self-assured surface.’
    • ‘Defeat brought him home, unreconciled to his losses.’
    • ‘The young king died in 1183, unreconciled with his father, on whose death the crown passed to his next son, Richard the Lionheart.’
    • ‘The city now faces the dilemma of how best to live with a core of defeated yet unreconciled secessionists.’
    • ‘The occupation of the capital left him unreconciled to defeat.’
    • ‘In addition, there are also some disputed territories which are still unreconciled.’
    • ‘Lefebvre died in 1991, unreconciled with the Church.’
    • ‘Harrison died in 1776, unreconciled with Maskelyne to the end.’
    • ‘Evidently, a fair number of inhabitants remained unreconciled.’
    • ‘I write, because I am really unreconciled with what passes for reality.’



/ˌənˈrekənˌsīld/ /ˌənˈrɛkənˌsaɪld/