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  • Not redeemed.

    ‘The unredeemed capital of the debt stood at £706 million in 1914.’
    • ‘Rather, it was as a spokesman of an international economic orthodoxy for financial health, pitted against Mahathir the unredeemed populist-nationalist.’
    • ‘He certainly looked the part in a threadbare dressing gown, mirroring the unredeemed Scrooge's threadbare life.’
    • ‘Her accent is unredeemed posh but her politics are Old Labour.’
    • ‘As an unredeemed liberal, Green is against all schematic certainties.’
    • ‘Beneath that sheen of hard-earned respectability, however, were unredeemed sins.’
    • ‘By any objective criterion, the world remained the same tragic place it had always been, as unredeemed by international law as it had been by religion, or Marxism, or liberal capitalism.’
    • ‘The value of unredeemed frequent flyer miles (subscription required) now exceeds all the printed US dollars in circulation.’
    • ‘He says local government would realise benefits through reduced costs of kerbside collection, as well as through the value of unredeemed material in the collection.’
    • ‘The presence of the poor is therefore widely felt as an unredeemed and unredeemable liability.’
    • ‘The chips remaining unredeemed at this stage show the final profit or loss.’
    • ‘That amendment will introduce some flexibility into the disposal of unredeemed goods, while not unduly placing at risk consumers' interests in achieving a fair price for their goods.’
    • ‘We want to see our unredeemed failures writ large as much as we want to live vicariously the Hollywood-style success that the movie tickets we keep buying at any cost make possible.’
    • ‘By uttering such sentiments, he turns away from all that he has learned through his many years of suffering and grief and loss; thus, Victor dies unrepentant, unredeemed.’
    • ‘To be sure, by the 1940s, numerous young women were hospitalized for breakdown, winning at the least some rest amid the otherwise unredeemed burdens of the baby boom.’
    • ‘You said once that you thought the city unredeemed.’
    • ‘However, the often tortuous story of Brown's unredeemed promise is not only a tale of judicial retreat and white flight.’
    • ‘He says the enormous stock of unredeemed miles is partly a result of a growing reluctance among regular travellers to spend their free time in the air.’
    • ‘I am afflicted with a proclivity for self-criticism whereby every blemish is revealed in all its unredeemed ugliness.’
    • ‘There have been more wicked kings in English history, but none so unredeemed by any signal greatness or virtue.’
    absolute, unqualified, unconditional, categorical, complete, total, thoroughgoing, downright, outright, utter, out-and-out, unadulterated, unalloyed, undiluted, unmixed, untempered, unmoderated, unmodified, unabated, undiminished, unmollified, unsoftened, unredeemed, unambiguous, unequivocal, veritable, perfect, consummate, pure, sheer, rank, in every way, positive, real, deep-dyed



/ˌənriˈdēmd/ /ˌənrɪˈdimd/