Definition of unreformable in English:



  • Unable to be reformed.

    ‘he came to regard Parliament as unreformable’
    • ‘Our aggressive, tribal nature is hard-wired, unreformed and unreformable.’
    • ‘It simply needs to be seen in the light of our desperate and unreformable wickedness.’
    • ‘Instead of "flowering" under the tutelage of the social worker they were portrayed as "coarsening" and in the end branded as unreformable.’
    • ‘Britain's democracy seems to be essentially unreformable by democratic means.’
    • ‘The state had now proved itself to be unreformable.’
    • ‘He is calling for a return to franc, deeming monetary union unreformable.’
    • ‘Its ultimate premise is that the urban world is corrupt, injust and unreformable.’
    • ‘Raised as my generation have been in an environment where capitalism has seemed unalterable, irreversible and unreformable, we cannot easily consider a time when it momentarily stood on the sidelines.’
    • ‘My personal opinion is that the patent system is unreformable and should be abolished.’