Definition of unregarded in English:



  • Not respected or considered; ignored.

    ‘her sarcasm went unregarded’
    • ‘Apart from yesterday's incidents with the abusive ‘customer’, lost child and mislaid credit card, the Live 8 protest didn't seem to make much difference in our unregarded little corner of Chavland.’
    • ‘A watercolor by Thomas Girtin hung unregarded on his stairs, and his books and silver, when they were sold after his death, were largely unremarkable, though I bought some out of affection.’
    • ‘On paper, this Pool 4 game was the ultimate home banker, with the visitors supposedly unregarded cannon fodder for the illustrious former European champions; they were the most whelpish of underdogs.’
    • ‘The unregarded Bangladeshis, brutally beaten in two Tests and a one-dayer by England, and also by Derbyshire, unearthed an inspired performance from somewhere.’
    • ‘One thinks of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao as a similar building, which is now acting as a catalyst in drawing considerable numbers of tourists to a previously unregarded port township.’
    • ‘His description of the modules - id, ego, and superego - are now generally unregarded, but we still operate as a democracy of components.’
    • ‘But can unusual or unregarded properties be a bargain opportunity to be exploited in a future boom?’
    • ‘It played fast and loose with its vast canvas, but as well as its critique and celebration of the forces that have made the nation, it reflected and argued the importance of the ‘unrecorded, unregarded extras in the scene’.’
    • ‘Thus Allan Border, an inexperienced and unregarded captain, came to England without the team he wanted and with the whole atmosphere in the camp poisoned by the double-dealing.’
    • ‘In fact, the letter would most likely have been swept into the trash bin, unregarded by the frail old woman, were it not for the handwriting.’
    • ‘It was an irony not unregarded by the devil's advocates charged with disproving Joan's qualifications for sanctity.’
    • ‘Unheard and unregarded through the '50s, '60s'70s and '80s save for a few notable outlets.’
    • ‘In her 1996 life of Eliot, Rosemary Ashton quotes a hitherto unregarded letter of G. H. Lewes's about Daniel Deronda.’
    • ‘At approximately 250 metres from the main road is a small unregarded house and in this house lives the most unsuspecting person in the world.’
    • ‘The tears streamed down her face, unregarded, as she was overwhelmed by everything.’
    • ‘In 1915 he published another volume of verse, Youth, which passed largely unregarded.’
    • ‘You ought not feel that censorious actions in the Indian subcontinent are unregarded.’
    • ‘Folk wanted to write poetry and continued to do so, unheard and unregarded.’
    • ‘But a boy could sit unnoticed and unregarded as long as he remained expressionless.’