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  • Not controlled or supervised by regulations or laws.

    ‘an unregulated free-market economy’
    • ‘Those regulated and unregulated hucksters who use these devices are, simply put, ripping off the public.’
    • ‘After all, the sky is not a limit for an unregulated economy with no taxes.’
    • ‘Only in an unregulated religious economy are the churches fully market-dependent.’
    • ‘They also underestimated the cost of the resulting transition from regulated to unregulated prices.’
    • ‘A black market is also called an underground economy or unregulated economy.’
    • ‘For that reason I do not consciously differentiate between regulated and unregulated businesses.’
    • ‘There is a common myth that America, land of the free market cowboys, is the unregulated Wild West of commerce.’
    • ‘The voting machine industry is unregulated and has not chosen to regulate itself.’
    • ‘The informal economy is all the unregulated work that exists on the edges of the mainstream economy.’
    • ‘Hence, money can move anywhere and is totally unregulated, but our bodies are increasingly regulated and controlled.’
    • ‘It is hoped the latest swoop in a nationwide clampdown on unregulated puppy farms will spur the public not to buy dogs from such dealers.’
    • ‘Thanks to unregulated advertising on private TV channels, children seem to be in a perennial state of want.’
    • ‘So, you have an unregulated resource that is capable of overuse that solves the problem by charging users for its use.’
    • ‘The media, which calls other powers to account, is itself a vast, largely unregulated, wholly unaccountable power.’
    • ‘The sector has been virtually unregulated since sapphire was discovered about five years ago.’
    • ‘Critics say the marketing push will put a dangerous and largely unregulated weapon on the streets.’
    • ‘This is completely unregulated and there is evidence that children and vulnerable people are losing money that they can ill afford to lose.’
    • ‘Such unregulated production spawns the growth of child labor and of a disregard for working conditions in general.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the unregulated broker holds all the cards.’
    • ‘According to Rangel, the problem is that the polling industry in Venezuela is completely unregulated.’



/ˌənˈreɡyəˌlādəd/ /ˌənˈrɛɡjəˌleɪdəd/