Definition of unrelatedness in English:



See unrelated

  • ‘The observed prevalence of ‘genotoxic’ carcinogens can then be compared with the prevalence expected based upon unrelatedness.’
  • ‘The four main characters are quite different from one another in their respective personas but bear great similarity with regard to their shared immaturity, amorality, narcissism, unrelatedness, and general ill will toward others.’
  • ‘The fields of classification, comparative anatomy, and comparative biochemistry have so many anomalies from evolutionary expectations as better to support the unrelatedness and separate origin of genera or families of organisms.’
  • ‘It is worth mentioning that maximizing unrelatedness in a general population sample may lead to maximizing genetic heterogeneity in the sample, which may not be desirable in some cases.’
  • ‘Language is the object or ‘real’ that Beckett wants to fail to exert mastery over because it has been used by the powers that be to make us believe in the lie of the unrelatedness of things.’