Definition of unreleased in English:



  • (especially of a film or recording) not released.

    ‘the CD features a previously unreleased track’
    • ‘His first main role was in an unreleased film, Little Tiger of Canton.’
    • ‘The other two tracks are previously unreleased recordings from the I Am a Bird Now sessions.’
    • ‘The supplier passes the unreleased film to a contact in a release group or puts it on a drop site, a hidden server on the Internet.’
    • ‘The film is still unreleased in America, and if it does get a release, I don't know if they will change the title.’
    • ‘Perhaps it will finally make a Pogues album in the box set of rarities, demos and unreleased material projected for release later this year.’
    • ‘His label Death Row is said to have several unreleased recordings in the vaults for potential future releases.’
    • ‘Festivalgoers will be able to watch a number of unreleased films at the 48th Cork Film Festival this week.’
    • ‘Ayers went on to give BBE access to literally hundreds of unreleased recordings, and this record is the first in a slew of albums to come.’
    • ‘It contains mostly old, unreleased recordings and at least one made by telephone in calls from prison.’
    • ‘Anyone lucky enough to see this film - unreleased on VHS or DVD in the States - may do the same.’
    • ‘This is actually her first film, which was unreleased until now.’
    • ‘But Paoletta has heard Ford's unreleased material and says some of it is top-notch.’
    • ‘When an artist dies, it's their archives that are normally raided for unreleased material.’
    • ‘These are wonderful tracks, and most of them are either unreleased or released only on limited editions in Jamaica.’
    • ‘Naturally, the project was shelved and the film remains unreleased to this date.’
    • ‘It's one of the best things we've ever done, released or unreleased.’
    • ‘If the member wants documents to be released that are unreleased, can he please put the question to me.’
    • ‘Disc two is a compilation of unreleased studio tracks, live cuts and demos.’
    • ‘It is no surprise that one film was nominated for a number of Oscars, and the other is still unreleased in USA.’
    • ‘Several group members also donated unreleased songs or live performances to a USA For Africa benefit album.’



/ˌənrəˈlēst/ /ˌənrəˈlist/