Definition of unrelievedly in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈlēvidlē/


See unrelieved

‘But Faber added it was ‘no secret’ he has ‘trouble with a literary world-view that is unrelievedly cynical and which treats all human endeavours with disgust and derision.’’
  • ‘But religion tends to be more private than public with them, and the character of their faith tends to be unrelievedly upbeat.’
  • ‘Upon receiving the crushing news that one's child has a genetic disorder or birth defect, parents may suppose that the future has suddenly grown unrelievedly bleak.’
  • ‘‘Biography’ scriptwriters churn out copy that is always simple, straightforward, and unrelievedly vanilla.’
  • ‘At a time when so many prognostications about the future condition of the planet seem unrelievedly gloomy, Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison remind us that we are still masters of our fate.’