Definition of unreligious in English:



  • 1Indifferent or hostile to religion.

    ‘an unreligious idea’
    • ‘Well the interesting thing about the Marquis de Sade of course, is that his world is littered with Cardinals and Priests and Abbes, so it's not completely unreligious.’
    • ‘Probably it would be the most unreligious person in the village who would come forward to kill the tiger.’
    • ‘You might be Wiccan or Pagan, either that or you're unreligious.’
    • ‘‘Was I raised Jewish?‘ she demands of her unreligious mother.’
    • ‘Mr. Malter informs Reuven that Jack Rose, an unreligious, secular Jew has made a large contribution to the Jewish National Fund and that many more Jews like him will now begin attending synagogue more often.’
    • ‘Ilse was Lutheran, but seemed fairly unreligious and hardly ever attended church.’
    • ‘This idea of legalizing shame in the name of God seems very unspiritual, even deeply unreligious to millions of Americans.’
    • ‘This story is a very unreligious portrayal of the gospel.’
    • ‘Her attempts to rework them for modern consideration are decidedly unreligious.’
    1. 1.1Not connected with religion.
      ‘education has become quite unreligious’
      • ‘The genial tone and resolutely unreligious perspective do, however, produce a certain leveling effect.’
      • ‘An important characteristic of the carvings is that they include many unreligious moral stories besides sculptures of the Buddha.’
      • ‘He argues that "the new art is condemned precisely because it is unreligious".’
      • ‘I chose the name Larry because it was the most unreligious name I could come up with.’
      • ‘My mother grew up in an unreligious household—so that's how I grew up.’



/ˌənrəˈlijəs/ /ˌənrəˈlɪdʒəs/