Definition of unremarkably in English:


Pronunciation /-blē/


See unremarkable

‘She worked steadily, though unremarkably, for another 10 years until, at the age of 29, she was offered a Seventies sitcom which revolved around a couple trying to live off the land in Surbiton.’
  • ‘Requiem's central characters are also big city drug dealers who want personal liberty, but they have no idealistic notions about freedom, and they are unremarkably dressed.’
  • ‘And it failed its first significant test last week, when both parties were undone by something unremarkably predictable - the possibility of a presidential election.’
  • ‘Guns and the gun culture are so intertwined with American culture that many Americans perceive guns as utterly, unremarkably normal.’
  • ‘The next few days passed unremarkably, full of everyday chores.’