Definition of unremittingly in English:



See unremitting

  • ‘Both had stupendously good design on the boxes, which was a welcome relief from the unremittingly banal nature of most modern cigarette packaging, which seem to aim for the visual ingenuity of floor polish containers.’
  • ‘In Perthshire last week, where it rained heavily and unremittingly for three days, familiar landmarks disappeared under huge lochs; tiny burns acquired the status of boiling rivers, and side roads developed a mini tidal race.’
  • ‘Sean seems unremittingly unpleasant long after he is supposed to be redeemed by the yearning crush he has on dreamy, mixed-up Lauren who quirkily gets around campus on a skateboard.’
  • ‘So that it will not all be unremittingly bleak and sordid, the women in the film are dressed very interestingly and flatteringly and beautifully, and the men's uniforms are implausibly crisp and clean, until the end.’
  • ‘He makes no attempt to sweeten the pill by positing an upside to emotional politics or strategies designed to boost self-esteem - to Furedi, therapy culture is unremittingly bad for individuals and society.’