Definition of unremovable in English:



  • Not able to be removed.

    ‘the incompetent directors are effectively unremovable’
    • ‘It's atom-sized, it's a mote - a tiny little piece of dust that's unremovable and feels like a microscopic coarseness when I run my index finger over it.’
    • ‘He has revolutionised Test cricket with his policy of scoring runs fast, yet on a dodgy wicket he is perhaps the most unremovable batsman spawned.’
    • ‘All three DVDs contain director's filmographies and biographies, a hazy, mostly unenlightening historical sketch of the pink film, and unremovable, headache-inducing ‘white-on-white’ subtitles.’
    • ‘This legal muddle was to prove an unremovable stumbling clock, and to frustrate yet again years of efforts - just when these efforts were at last showing promise of bearing fruit and forcing our institutions to account for their deeds’
    • ‘True, the subtitles are unremovable, and there are no extras whatsoever, but we're talking over three hours of Anna Karina for a reasonable price.’
    • ‘A degradation of democratic processes presents a worse danger - the creation of a political class of unremovable incumbents, and the dreadful possibility of dictatorship.’
    • ‘None of these three reasons are fundamentally unremovable, and it seems plausible that the first industrial research lab to remove these obstacles will reap huge benefits.’
    • ‘Drive rails are used on one side of the drives (the unremovable side panel side), and if you tend to travel a lot, screws are used to secure the drives once you put them in.’
    • ‘Might I also mention Look2Me is a horrid, nearly unremovable, piece of spyware.’