Definition of unremunerative in English:


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  • Bringing little or no profit or income.

    ‘unremunerative research work’
    • ‘Persistence in unremunerative employment may entitle the court to impute income.’
    • ‘The export market has become unremunerative over the years.’
    • ‘Its aims are to produce books of religious, scholarly, and educational value, and, its surplus profits being devoted to financing the editing and production of unremunerative works of this kind, its status is that of a charity.’
    • ‘Several representatives sought assistance from the government for procuring fodder and setting up additional cattle pounds for animals that are either ill or found to be unremunerative for farmers.’
    • ‘This was investigated and a proposal for a dam costing Rs.3.72 crore was given up as unremunerative.’
    • ‘My own experience as an ‘intellectual’ thus far has been halting, backtracking, often unfinished, particularly unremunerative, and certainly not respectable.’
    • ‘Consequently, the Treasury argued that nationalised industries should be set clearer financial targets: and if ministers required them to perform unremunerative tasks in the public interest this should be stated publicly.’
    • ‘At the end of September 1862 a Victoria newspaper reported that ‘freights in the upper country are now so low that packers are turning out their animals to winter, rather than working them for unremunerative prices’.’
    • ‘Surely, in a drought year, it makes economic sense for him to sell water (without any effort) which is at a great premium, than toil growing paddy that would fetch him unremunerative prices!’
    • ‘The Punjab farmer has nowhere else to sell, and is compelled to accept the unremunerative terms offered by the Central government and its trading agencies or let his wheat rot.’
    • ‘Hence it has happened and will happen again, that work which has been undertaken at unremunerative rates has been ‘scamped’ to make it pay.’
    • ‘Her observation that the traditional art forms face extinction, for lack of adequate support, technological influences and unremunerative returns is true.’
    • ‘Basmati, which had almost vanished from Punjab due to unremunerative prices, is now grown abundantly in the state, thanks mostly to contract farming.’
    • ‘It had always been a popular system of out-relief for the unemployed of every other profession, including the notoriously insecure and unremunerative one of politics.’
    • ‘As soon as he left the unremunerative world of crime for a steady job with the forces of order, he became significantly more intelligent.’
    fruitless, futile, vain, idle, useless, worthless, valueless, pointless, ineffective, ineffectual, to no effect, impotent, inefficacious, unprofitable, unremunerative, unrewarding



/ˌənrəˈmyo͞onərədiv/ /ˌənrəˈmjunərədɪv/