Definition of unrenewable in English:



  • Not able to be replenished or renewed.

    ‘unrenewable fossil fuels’
    • ‘Each is a bloke, with unrenewable 10-year contracts, and each is paid $188,000 a year.’
    • ‘Time, at the end of the day, as a person's most limited, unrenewable resource, is precious to me.’
    • ‘And time is, after all, the only unrenewable resource available.’
    • ‘The Constitutional Court consists of 9 justices appointed for a nine-year unrenewable term of office.’
    • ‘We have to break that dependency on foreign oil, on unrenewable fossil fuels, and hydrocarbon sources of energy.’
    • ‘Specific recovery methods have to be developed, such as dedicated thermodynamic cycles for unrenewable heat.’
    • ‘Minerals found on earth are unrenewable resources.’
    • ‘Lower fuel consumption represents less use of unrenewable energy and lower carbon emissions, which are thought to contribute to climate change.’
    • ‘The innovative ways to substitute the unrenewable fossil fuels are bound to be found, such as the solar-power cars which have already been invented.’
    • ‘If we keep going on like this we will soon run out of all the unrenewable and the renewable and the natural resources like coal, fossil fuel, gold, oil petrol, gas and silver.’
    • ‘It's so obvious that these days what is needed is a form of planned economy on a worldwide scale, with public ownership of natural unrenewable resources.’
    • ‘I was talking more along the lines of unrenewable energy and natural fuels that are running out.’
    • ‘But is it currently being harvested in a manner which protects our other unrenewable resource, the soil in which it grows?’
    • ‘China should increase consumption taxes on unrenewable energy products such as coal and petroleum, levy taxes according to the reserve of resources and promote the issue of taxes on fuel oil as soon as possible, said Li.’
    • ‘It goes beyond logic and common sense that anyone can think corn ethanol ‘renewable’ when its production is completely dependent upon the consumption of unrenewable resources - from fossil fuels, to water, to fertile Corn Belt topsoil.’
    • ‘These university students are expected to understand more about the condition of oil and gas business in Indonesia, the limited unrenewable natural resources, with the hope that they will be the right agents to deliver the information effectively to their colleagues.’
    • ‘The problem is that it takes energy to do so, and if that energy comes in the form of electricity from the national grid, then a fair proportion of that comes from unrenewable sources.’
    • ‘By putting the Executive Magistrate in the situation of the tenant of an unrenewable lease, it would tempt him to neglect the constitutional rights of his department.’
    • ‘Under the 2007 Prohibited List for Processing Trade which will take effect on April 26, processing trade companies will not be allowed to deal with 990 products with 186, mostly unrenewable resources, newly added on.’