Definition of unrenewed in English:



See unrenewable

  • ‘As the Poetry Society found to its cost recently, an unrenewed Internet domain name can quickly fall into the hands of opportunist pornographers.’
  • ‘The linklog site itself,, may well be about to vanish, since it seems to have expired on May 30 and languishes unrenewed, alas.’
  • ‘The total revenue that the club is bringing in is 50 x $700 or $35,000 each month, leaving 50 unrenewed memberships, which is the equivalent of $35,000.’
  • ‘The automaker intends to let the contract go unrenewed.’
  • ‘The network license server can periodically scan the time-last-renewed list for all outstanding licenses, and may choose to release an unrenewed license for acquisition by another user.’