Definition of unrepealed in English:



  • Not repealed.

    ‘an unrepealed decree of the senate’
    • ‘The law requiring all citizens to carry identity cards had been rushed through Parliament in September 1939 and remained unrepealed after the war.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Section 25 remained unrepealed but entirely emasculated, he submitted.’
    • ‘Over the next few months 160 were put to death under this, or older, unrepealed laws.’
    • ‘Due to an unrepealed 1649 law, Clacton residents are quite entitled to throw rolled up bread dough at the King to show their dissatisfaction at the state of crop rotation in the area.’
    • ‘That Act is law today, in so far as it is unrepealed.’
    • ‘The curious state of arrested, prenatal, development in which the law had been left - unimplemented but unrepealed - was to prove the Home Secretary's undoing when the battle shifted to the courts.’
    • ‘As the Supreme Court has noted, such acts of Congress ‘are to be read in the light of [Congress's 1868] declaration of policy favoring freedom of expatriation which stands unrepealed.’’
    • ‘Since clerical dress and address are subjects remitted by universal law to particular law, it follows that these (unrepealed) norms of Baltimore on clerical dress remain in effect.’
    • ‘Several of these outdated (but as yet, supposedly, unrepealed) laws relate to Christmas - a controversial topic for many centuries - and would certainly make what we currently think of as a traditional British Christmas illegal.’