Definition of unrepentantly in English:



See unrepentant

  • ‘This poem would be unusual enough on its own; it's even more peculiar when you notice that the final, apocalyptic stanza is followed a few pages later by an unrepentantly trivial homage to Smith's office cat.’
  • ‘And the not-so-good people (to their credit, Taylor and Molony are careful to make no characters unrepentantly evil) are conniving, craven and corruptible.’
  • ‘She grins the grin of the unrepentantly naughty child’
  • ‘The humour is unrepentantly unsophisticated and the stunts appeal to a fundamental human urge to see things go fast, make a lot of noise and then crash.’
  • ‘I point out that according to Church doctrine, I am living in a state of sin, unrepentantly.’