Definition of unrequited in English:


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  • (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded.

    ‘he's been pining with unrequited love’
    • ‘But beyond the public turmoil lies a private, backstage world of unrequited love, secret affairs and insecurity.’
    • ‘Where has my sense of romance, of unrequited love gone?’
    • ‘The way he obsesses about her, the way he berates her, the way he trembles when he calls her evil: this must be unrequited love.’
    • ‘You name it, they've got it - spots, crushes, unrequited love.’
    • ‘Only so many poems can be written about unrequited love.’
    • ‘And sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne are portrayed as sad victims of thwarted passion and unrequited love.’
    • ‘Before then, the receiver had to pay for postage, so you had to be pretty certain that your love was not unrequited before sending a tender message.’
    • ‘They also give a good insight into his troubled personal life, his unrequited loves and rocky friendships with fellow artists.’
    • ‘Like most teenage songsmiths the songs were about imagined or unrequited love.’
    • ‘I didn't feel very good on Friday night, mainly because of unrequited love.’
    • ‘The film revolves around crimes of passion based on unrequited love, lust, treachery and revenge.’
    • ‘Shakespearean tales of love as sacrifice, conquest or unrequited passion are beyond reason.’
    • ‘Besides, as Neil had said earlier, unrequited love was a great source of material for songs.’
    • ‘The fact is I am in love with her, and this unrequited emotion has paralyzed me.’
    • ‘The professor's character is the main strength of the book which is as much a selfportrait as it is a story of unrequited love.’
    • ‘He wanted to get close to her, but didn't want to admit his unrequited feelings.’
    • ‘Call me a fool to be holding onto this unrequited love for so long.’
    • ‘As with the unrequited love theme, also this was always a figment of the imagination, a displaced fantasy.’
    • ‘The real irony is that Gone With the Wind tells not a great love story as much as a great unrequited love story.’
    • ‘Why do I feel like this when I know, when reason tells me that my love is unrequited?’



/ˌənrəˈkwīdəd/ /ˌənrəˈkwaɪdəd/