Definition of unreservedness in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈzərvədnəs/


See unreserved

‘It is of recent date, and is written in all the sincerity and unreservedness of mutual confidence.’
  • ‘The unreservedness of that moment used to embarrass me, as if it were years and not merely months since we'd all seen each other last.’
  • ‘This type of reaction reduces the good feelings you were having and brings you back down to what you're familiar with - a feeling of unreservedness - that you probably grew up feeling accustomed to.’
  • ‘Many things left behind deep memories, the children with their warmth and their unreservedness, the adults with their ever present care and concern.’
  • ‘She did not see that they made a well-looking match at all, but from their unreservedness towards each other, she knew they must be engaged.’