Definition of unresisted in English:



  • Not resisted.

    ‘the army's advance was largely unresisted’
    • ‘The National Assembly, having recast vast areas of French secular life unresisted, and indeed removed the Church's material foundations without much outcry, saw no need to negotiate its policies with anyone.’
    • ‘Big seas then pulverised the reef top, unresisted.’
    • ‘I sipped at the cider and allowed my arm to once again lie unresisted over Beta's shoulders.’
    • ‘Had I greater strength than my opponent, I could of course have pushed him back; but even if I wished to push him back, I should first have left him unresisted, as by so doing I should greatly economize my energy.’
    • ‘The temptation, often unresisted here, is to say that the 63 universities in those six BCS conferences should be ashamed of themselves.’