Definition of unresistingly in English:



See unresisting

  • ‘And when she was done, she took his hands unresistingly and pulled him into her irresistible embrace.’
  • ‘Englishmen would then die unresistingly, and they would go down in history as heroes of nonviolence.’
  • ‘It's what you've been groomed for, what you've been set up for, what you've been trained to believe unresistingly for all this time.’
  • ‘While all three are unresistingly catchy, one should not get caught up in Björk lyrics because they are more about feeling than meaning.’
  • ‘As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.’